Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog

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About Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog

Duddu — My Virtual Pet Dog is a virtual pet app for kids. In this app, they take care of a digital dog called Duddu. They care for him and join his fun. Alongside fun with Duddu, kids can play one of 30+ minigames.

You can download the app for free on iOS and Android. In-app purchases remove advertisements and unlock the content. Players spend in-game currency in the app to unlock further content. Players can earn this currency in the game or buy it in packs as an additional in-app purchase.

Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog Review

What is Duddu — My Virtual Pet Dog app?

Kids get their own pet dog, Duddu, in this app. They must care for their digital pet, including feeding and medical care. This involves providing what he needs. Duddu might want something ranging from a single object to something the player needs to make, such as a cake from ingredients.

In return for their care, Duddu will play with them and let them explore his world. In this magical land, they can be creative in art, music, and dance.

In addition to the virtual pet activities, kids can play over thirty simple but fun games. Many of these are based on classic game styles which everyone enjoys. They are simple enough for kids to understand while still having fun.

What we love about Duddu app.

Virtual Pet apps are very popular with kids, especially those who like to play at their own pace and explore rather than battle for success. This app makes caring for a virtual puppy fun and gives kids plenty to do.

What skills does it teach?

On the scale between entertainment and education, Duddu is closer to fun than learning. The activities in the app are based in a fantasy world but can still form the basis of a discussion about responsibility which might be helpful for parents thinking of taking on a real-world pet.

What age is it appropriate for?

Duddu's appeal is difficult to pin to an age range. Typical users who enjoy the app are likely between 4 and 7 but could extend a little in both directions.

How much does Duddu app cost?

Many in-app purchase options are available to enhance your child's Duddu experience. The main one, which we recommend, is the removal of third-party advertisements. The others form packs that add different music, scenarios, and diamonds.

Diamonds are part of an in-app currency kids use to unlock items in the game. These are consumable, so they are gone once your child has spent them. Kids can earn more in the app, and you can purchase them through your device's app store.

Is Duddu app easy to use?

Duddu's design encourages kids to explore by interacting with the on-screen content. Duddu communicates his needs with images ensuring kids don't need to rely on literacy skills to use the app.

How will students benefit?

Most kids eventually want a pet, often a dog. A digital pet may not fully satisfy them, but they help start a conversation about care and what it entails.

The app lets kids choose their direction and what they want to do. It is easy to pick up and play for just a few minutes or spend much longer in Duddus' world if that is what players want.

How will parents benefit?

Finding entertainment apps without violence, cartoon or otherwise, with kid appeal is not easy. Virtual pet apps are a good solution as they offer a long-lasting play style kids enhance with their imaginations.

Even kids who do like action games still enjoy a change of pace and this can be useful when you want kids to be occupied but not over-stimulated.

How will teachers benefit?

Schools do not typically purchase virtual pet games. Duddu has been designed specifically for home use.

What can Duddu app improve on?

This app's reliance on coins to give the user more content is not ideal for an app aimed at young kids. We'd prefer a version where parents can buy the app outright and remove the app's reliance on in-app purchases.

Is Duddu app safe to use?

You should ensure with Duddu, as you should with all apps, that you protect against your child making unauthorised in-app purchases. Make sure your devices require touch or face identification to permit spending.

The free download of Duddu displays third-party advertisements. We recommend paying for the in-app purchase to remove the advertisements.

Overall rating of the app.

If your child is looking for a virtual pet app, you should definitely look at Duddu — My Virtual Pet Dog. The pet aspect is playful and fun, while the additional minigames give the app variety. The in-app purchases will need your consideration as they might affect your child's enjoyment. Download the app for free and test it for yourself.

Duddu — My Virtual Pet Dog is a four-star app.

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