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DreamBox Learning Math is an app for iPad that is an interactive, adaptive, self-paced program designed with engaging activities for students to learn and practice skills in mathematics. DreamBox Learning also delivers instruction via a web browser.

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DreamBox Learning Math is an interactive, adaptive, self-paced math program which adapts the game while the child is playing it, analyzing each pause, mouse movement, click or error. The DreamBox curriculum goes deep, teaching strategies for manipulating numbers that are based on research into how mathematicians think about number. DreamBox Learning curriculum is aligned to national and regional mathematics standards in the USA and Canada.

DreamBox scaffolds understanding of mental math strategies embedded in realistic contexts and supports children in seeing the math in the world around them. This is not about rote memorization of facts and formulas, it's about building a network of number relationships, understanding why strategies work and using models and contexts to move from concrete to abstract thinking.

Teachers and parents are able to create and customize accounts for individual students. The Insights Dashboard gives teachers, administrators, and parents access to reports on skill and standards progress and mastery for each student. DreamBox Learning provides metrics for school and district administrators including school-specific summaries, concept mastery reports and trends in platform usage over time.

Dreambox have school plus home accounts, so that students can pick up from the same place at home. Dreambox also provides a great deal of information to teachers on the back-end, including levels of concept proficiency, areas where individuals students are struggling, and the usage over time. This is helpful both in planning small group and individual follow-up work and in having conversations with parents about what their child is working on. 

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A rigorous K-8 math curriculum, motivating learning environment, and in-the-moment feedback built with our pioneering Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology to deliver the DreamBox difference. Students who use DreamBox develop critical thinking skills, deeper conceptual understanding, and independent reasoning abilities. In our tenth year, we're celebrating the improved math achievement of students across North America as they engage with our innovative, research-based curriculum. With studies conducted by SRI and The Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University as well as over 40 industry awards, DreamBox ensures every student has a learning experience that motivates them to persist, progress, and achieve success for a lifelong confidence in math. That's the power of learning. That's the power of DreamBox.

For Students

- Adapts Differently: Our innovative platform goes beyond what a student got right and wrong by capturing every decision a student makes as they solve a variety of math problems.

- Delivers Deeper Learning: Our curriculum delivers the depth and rigor required by K-8 standards, DreamBox students build core foundational skills as they develop the conceptual understanding necessary to be successful in higher learning.

- Engages Students Every Step of the Way: Our game-inspired environment is motivating and engaging allowing students to explore, make connections and gain a deeper sense of math. In every DreamBox lesson, students actively interact with manipulatives that connect them to math in ways that paper and pencil never could.

For Educators

- Analyze Depth of Learning: With district, school, classroom, and student data delivered through the Insight Dashboards, educators can make data-informed instructional decisions based on each student’s depth of math understanding and quickly see when to accelerate or remediate and how to differentiate.

- Differentiate Assignments for Every Student: Informed by data, simply choose a math topic for students to focus on, and DreamBox automatically differentiates their lessons based on each student's current progress in DreamBox.

- Create Deeper Home-School Connections: Through their personal Family Insights Dashboard, families access reports that surface information about student learning and highlight important learning milestones. Automated notifications and access to educational resources empower families to encourage, support, and assist students in mastering rigorous math requirements.

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