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* Fall 2012 Mobile Apps: winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor
*Awarded "App of the week" by Apple in France, China, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
*Displayed in Home Page and Featured in 90 countries
* Rankings: France #1 Overall, China #2 Overall and #1 in Entertainment, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg #1 in Entertainment
* Top100 Overall in 9 countries
* Top10 Entertainment in 12 countries

Drawing Box is recommended by schools for their students for its creativity tools and recreational features.

Drawing Box is the most suitable app to learn and practice drawing and painting. With reponsive smooth pencil and brush strokes, graphical and intuitive interface, you can use it to make a quick sketch or a detailed study on the go.

Bring a painting studio in your pocket, and enjoy unlimited painting.

Publish directly your artworks to Youtube in MP4 format, or share them with anyone you like.

Main features: 
- 13 pencil modes 
- 9 art brushes, 1 smudge tool
- 5 paintrolls
- 3 eraser sizes 
- 156 colors in 2 main palettes, 8 famous palettes.
- 25 creative pen effects, 30 exclusive 3D clay pens
- unique light effect for drawing tools 
- enter and edit text with virtual keyboard (inclusing 14 fonts)
- 187 stickers in 3 sizes 
- import photo or take a photo (for iPad2) as sticker (move, scale and rotate photo, mirror) 
- 104 decorative art patterns (move, scale and rotate) 

Extra features: 
- Pinch to zoom from 80% to 2000% 
- Quick full screen view (100%) 
- Video replay of your paintings 
- MP4 video conversion, directly exportable 
- Vertical and horizontal symmetrical drawing 
- Application paintings gallery 
- Edit, export and share paintings.
- Select different backgrounds 
- Unlimited undo, redo, clear drawing page 
- Step-by-step drawing lessons: free and in-app purchase sets of lessons 
- Color wheel and eye dropper 

New features in version 2.7:
- The user can choose a color for the canvas background from the 156 premixed colors of the 2 main palettes. How it works: just push the color tube to the top and release it. That's easy.
- You can apply photographic effects (gray scale, sepia, fax, tonal,...) and amazing caches (light reflections, snow, texture,...) to the imported photos and pictures.
- Two new series of stickers with the themes of ethnic design and decorative patterns
- A new paintroller effect: a colored splash brush. Useful for artistic background creation.
- The user guide includes 8 small videos about the specific Drawing Box functions.

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Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu

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