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About Draw it

Draw it is a fast-paced drawing game where you compete against others and the clock to climb to first place by sketching what you see. The more you play, the more coins you earn to spend on unlocking new words. DrawIt! is available to download for free on iOS or Android device.

Draw it Review

Draw it is fun and enjoyable at the core idea about sketching with others in a competitive environment. Having an option to play and compete against friends would make it really fun, or even forming teams with friends/random people and having to guess each other's drawings is fun too. 

Kids can learn to improve their art and communication skills by sketching words in a creative way with Draw It. Coming up with ways to make clues apparent isn't always easy, and kids will often find unique ways to accomplish this. They can learn to think differently as they guess what their collaborators have drawn. An interesting aspect is that players work together to achieve a streak of correct guesses, rather than against each other -- both parties want the other to guess the drawing. Draw It doesn't offer art instruction, but it does encourage kids to think differently as they express ideas through drawings. 

Embrace the interest of your kid to drawing with this app that teaches the very basics of this science. Children can start by practicing drawing geometric shapes and learning how they can apply those shapes on the real sketches. After the sketch is made, for sample, of a pineapple, a kid can colorize it. Another great feature of this app is that it has high-end interface design and it is easy in usage in general, so your kids will love it for sure.

Play Draw It with your kid, either as an "opponent" or as a drawing team against another player. Talk through different approaches to drawing a word.

However, the noticeable presence of merely bots taking the stage and the amount of ads simply killing the party is an obstacle that ruins the game’s fun aspect. This is more brought-to-light by the fact that this game can be played OFFLINE (no WiFi/Mobile Data required), which, in no difference, is just Google’s “Quick, Draw!” in an app format. 

Draw It challenges you to draw as many words as possible within a given time limit. It's as simple as that, yet the challenge of drawing words - many of which become more abstract as the game progresses - is enough to give the game plenty of staying power. On top of this, performing well allows you to can earn coins, which you can then spend on new packs of words to draw. You can play Draw It for free, but removing ads costs money, as does the monthly VIP Membership, which entitles you to additional word packs and free coins.

Great for: Car, train, plane

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