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DragonBox Algebra 5+

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About DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a visually appealing and fun game that introduces children to algebra. As they progress through the game, they must solve different puzzles that require them to collect, cancel and balance terms. Students are introduced to different algebraic rules as they unlock more levels and are guided through step by step. Progress is illustrated with the birth and growth of a dragon for each new chapter.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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  • DragonBox Algebra 5+DragonBox Algebra 5+DragonBox Algebra 5+DragonBox Algebra 5+DragonBox Algebra 5+


DragonBox+ Algebra – The whole algebra in a single game

DragonBox introduces the main math elements in a playful and colorful world that appeals to children. The game features a gradual learning of fundamental algebraic elements (equal sign, zero, multiplication, division, parenthesis, negative numbers, fractions.

The player learns at his/her own pace, experimenting with rules that are introduced step by step. Progress is illustrated with the birth and growth of a dragon for each new chapter.

This game primarily targets children from 6 to 16 who are willing to discover algebra or to consolidate past learning and gains. Playing doesn’t require supervision, although parents can help making the learning more efficient and transferring learned skills in real life. It is a great game for parents to play along with their kids – and freshen up their own math skills.

DragonBox is based on an original concept developed in Norway, introducing a novel pedagogical method based on discovery and experimentation. The game greatly helps children to make it up with math, and contributes to sharpen their desire to learn and to be successful with math.

This game is the subject of extensive research at the Center for Game Science of the University of Washington.


* 10 progressive chapters (5 learning, 5 training)
* 200 puzzles
* Suggested (and not put forward) rules the child can experiment with
* Multiple profiles for easy progress control
* Dedicated graphics and music for each chapter
* 13 supported languages (English, français, norsk, svenska, dansk, español, 한국어, italiano, português, Deutsch, русский, 简体中文, 繁體中文, suomi)

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