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About Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

Dragon Shapes is an app that will help your child discover and improve their ability to recognise and name different geometrical shapes and develop spatial visualisation abilities. It all starts with a story about a friendly dragon that lived in a village but then got lost. With the scales he left behind you will have to build geometric shapes that will help you to rescue and return the dragon to the people. The fun activities are organised into four learning levels and are suitable for ages 6-10. Dragon Shapes is a great app to introduce and learn geometry figures and it receives a 5 star EAS Certification and the EAS Recommended Status.

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge Review

Parents need to know that the app is safe for children, there is no advertising in the app and that you can also control in-all purchases from the settings (there is only one in-app purchase for full access to 50 puzzles). The app is aligned with school curriculum and has been developed with pedagogy experts. The ‘Grown-ups’ page, accessible from the main screen on the top left corner, contains the settings, the information about the learning outcomes, the contact page and policies. Our only suggestion is that we think the page should be protected with a password.

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Dragon Shapes will boost your child’s confidence with math in a fun and interactive way. The geometric puzzles will help them develop problem solving skills and learn geometric concepts. The app has 4 levels, from basic to advanced:

The Butterfly Basics – you will get the foundation and the vocabulary for shape names, learn basic geometry figures (triangle, square, rectangle and hexagon)

The Underwater Shapes Arts – this level will introduce your child to trapezoids and pentagons and develop an understanding that any four-sided shape is a quadrilateral

The Mountain Shape Arts –rhombus shapes are added, different types of quadrilaterals and the possibility to use existent shapes and compose new shapes and images

The Starlight Shape Arts -  learn more advanced features of geometric figures, understand right angles, perpendicular and parallel lines

We all agree that games make learning easier and Dragon Shapes does just that. With a catchy story shown in a short video, your child will have to become the ‘Shape Master” and unlock all the puzzles that will get him to rescue the dragon. The app is beautifully designed and very colourful. Before each puzzle you get short information about the properties of the geometric figures you help to build: ‘all squares have 4 equal sides’, ‘this is a trapezium’, ‘a hexagon always has 6 sides’, etc. All the shapes can be rotated so you can turn them at the right angle in order to complete the puzzles. If your child can’t figure it out or misplaced parts of the puzzle they can tap on the hanging bulb that will help them with visual hints.

The app surprises with how easy it implements math learning in such a fun way. Dragon Shapes is one of the best geometry apps for this age category and both parents and children will love it. The app does a great job of engaging users and their learning can be extended with the help of their parents. Kids should be encouraged to try and draw new shapes or use their toys to build geometrical figures.

There’s a lot of learning potential in these puzzles and educators will agree that children will understand the principles of geometry shapes and that the app offers a good foundation for more advanced topics. Using rotation the kids will have to drag the differently coloured shapes onto the puzzle image. This will help with practicing thinking skills and develop their visualisation skills and eye-to-hand coordination. This app is an educational tool that deserves the 5 star EAS Certification and the EAS Recommended status.

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