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About Dragon Family - Chore Tracker

Dragon Family is a chore management and organisation app that kids and parents share to help parents allocate household jobs and furnish rewards when kids complete them. Parents create and administer the Dragon Family account and invite kids to sign in to the app through an on-screen QR code. 

The app is a free download on iOS and Android that users fully enable through a subscription. 

Dragon Family - Chore Tracker Review

What is Dragon Family app? 

Dragon Family app provides organisation and reward tools for ensuring households with kids function smoothly and fairly while at the same time teaching kids consideration and responsibility. 

Different chore apps suit different families and even different kids within those families. Parents and kids use the same app, with the user's account type determining the tools and facilities available. Parents assign tasks and chores for kids to complete, and children can see them in their app. When they have completed a job, kids mark it as done, and parents check and confirm it in their app. If all is good, kids are rewarded by receiving Dragon Coins. 

Families choose the value of Dragon Coins by allocating a selected number of them to a reward. An hour's screen time might be worth one or two coins, while a day out could be something that kids have to save Dragon Coins from multiple tasks to achieve. 

What we love about Dragon Family. 

Dragon Family's task allocation and coins allow a great deal of flexibility. Parents can tweak the values of rewards to consider how many tasks their kids can realistically do. Kids who have difficulties or special needs can earn extra for the jobs they are able to complete or have lower targets for rewards. 

Parents and kids use the same app, but with different profiles, so the learning curve is easily shared as parents and kids work within a similar app environment. This method also avoids using kids' data and email addresses.

What skills does it improve? 

Dragon Family's primary purpose is to help with family organisation and help kids contribute to family life. Using the app like this will help kids develop an appreciation for others' efforts, learn to manage their time, build responsibility and, by saving or using their Dragon Coins, the value of budgeting. 

What age is it appropriate for? 

For kids to use the Dragon Family app, they will need to understand how to use it and be ready for the responsibility of the tasks their parents allocate to them. There will come a time when kids outgrow the need for a chore tracker app. Kids aged between about 5 and 11 and their parents are likely to be the ideal users of this app. 

Is Dragon Family easy to use? 

Parents log into the app by creating an account, while kids can scan a QR code on their parent's device to log in, which is a great way to do this. It saves having to input extra details for kids and is easy and quick. 

Using the app is self-explanatory, and the different screens and buttons have been logically laid out. A basic level of literacy will be helpful for kids to use the app, but its use of images will help them navigate and utilise the app even if they can't read every word. Parents can make the app easier for kids when they set up custom tasks by taking photographs to accompany the chore's title and description. 

How will students benefit? 

Students have their opinions accounted for in the app. Just as parents can create rewards, so can kids. This function isn't open to abuse as parents must agree to the value of the prize. Kids can't award themselves a new computer game every time they make the bed! 

If parents choose, the Dragon Coins can be tied to a currency so that the app becomes a pocket money tracker. You set the exchange rate between Dragon Coins and your region's currency, and you can choose dollar, Euro, and Ruble currency symbols. If your country's currency is not one of these, it won't cause any practical difficulty as you can use one of the others as a stand-in. 

Kids who have been reluctant, forgetful, or disorganised when it comes to doing their share of the tasks in a home will find the app helps keep them motivated and informed. Dragon Family's push notifications should make sure that forgotten tasks are a thing of the past. 

How will parents benefit? 

Well made chore apps help parents keep up their plans for involving kids in the running of the household. Often parents let kids slip into inactivity as they start to do the tasks themselves because it is easier. Having an app with clear goals and tasks keeps parents and kids on the plan. 

The app's flexibility continues in the reward structure as parents have the option of awarding bonus coins on an ad-hoc basis. If kids do something good, thoughtful, or helpful, parents can award them however many coins they choose.

Conversely, you can deduct coins as a punishment. You should think carefully about this, though, as making deductions from rewards is not something many kids respond well towards in the long term. Schools, for instance, tend to separate their reward and punishment strands so that kids' good work continues to be recognised even as where they need to improve is highlighted. 

In the end, though, the choice is yours whether to use this feature, which is a good thing. 

Whether kids should be motivated by rewards to contribute to their family and to carry out self-care and organisation tasks is a matter of personal opinion. For parents who see no harm in this, Dragon Family will help form appropriate habits and organisation until your kids' maturity catches up with your expectations of them. 

What can Dragon Family improve on? 

When parents add kids to their account, the app tries to be helpful by adding kids' family names using the name of the parent who has the account. It is not always possible to predict family names this way, and entering the wrong name could be hurtful somehow, so it would be better to forgo the help of having the name entered. 

Dragon Family's primary platform is phone-sized devices and displays best on these. It can be used on tablet devices, but the display takes up a portion of the available screen or is stretched to fit. Parents are likely to use the app on their phones, but many kids only have a tablet device, so it would be nice to see the app use the larger screens more efficiently through a dedicated design. 

How much does Dragon Family cost? 

A basic version of the Dragon Family service comes with a free app download. The download provides a good level of functionality to see how well it works within your family circumstances. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid? 

A subscription unlocks the full Dragon Family service, granting more features such as an extensive library of prepared chores for easier parental administration and more options and educational quizzes. You can choose the duration of the subscriptions, with longer ones having a lower overall cost to you. 

Dragon Family is an app that should become embedded in family life. If you only make it available on an intermittent basis, kids will not develop the habit of checking and using it. As such, if you decide that the app is what you need after an initial short-term test and from reading this review of Dragon Family, you'll get the best results and lowest price by taking out the longest subscription. 

Is Dragon Family safe to use? 

The app's privacy policy applies to parents who download the app and create their children's profiles. Kids do not have standalone accounts, and you remain entirely in control of what information you give to the app and subscription payments.

You have control over the details that you enter and could, for example, use nicknames for your kids rather than enter their full names. 

None of the content in Dragon Family is unsuitable for kids. Some built-in reward options refer to candy and may be incompatible with everyone's healthy eating ideas, but they are not rewards you have to offer. 

Overall rating of the app. 

Dragon Family's flexible approach to tasks and rewards make it an ideal candidate for most families who feel that the right app could make family life run smoother. It works well, is easy to use, and has just the right functionality to make it useful without becoming overly complicated. It is a five-star app. 

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