Just 6 steps to draa anything.

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  • age 5+
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About Draa

Draa is an app for teaching kids how to draw. It is suitable for any child old enough to use an iPad and possibly a stylus.  The app shows them how to reproduce cartoon images by breaking them down into simple steps.

Draa is available on iPads and iPhones for a single one-off purchase price.  It is compatible with the Apple Pencil.  

Draa Review

What is Draa app?

Draa helps children learn to draw. Potential artists pick one of the included pictures from one of the app's categories. The app shows kids how to reproduce the cartoon-style pictures in six simple steps using the built-in drawing tool. 

What we love about Draa?

Whether they have an innate talent for art or not, most children enjoy drawing. Not many apps focus on art creation so it is great to see a simple-to-use and well-made app that does so.    

Draa guides children towards producing recognisable drawings. Some kids may be able to memorise how to repeat them while others might see how they can go further by combining and adding to what they have viewed. Either way, children will have produced something artistic and gained confidence in their drawing potential. 

Draa isn't just about on-screen drawing.  The different steps of the cartoons can be displayed all on screen at the same time to let children use them as a reference for drawing on paper with a pen or pencil.  It is always good to see an app encouraging children to do something away from the digital world, especially when it will help them improve their pen-handling skills. 

What skills does it improve?

Kids learn how to deconstruct simple images into components. Seeing how to do this lets those who do not have a natural drawing talent compensate. Those who do find drawing easy, will see new ways to think about constructing new images. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Anyone of any age can learn how to produce the simple drawings shown in Draa. They are drawn in a simple style that while quite cartoony are not particularly childlike. Children up to the age of 11 will probably find this app most appealing but others might also enjoy the simple pleasure of following the steps to producing a drawing. 

Is Draa easy to use?

Children will have no problem finding their way around the Draa app. Its user interface is very simple and clear. How easy the process of actual drawing is will depend, to some extent, on how children interact with the screen.  

The best results come from using a device like the Apple Pencil on the iPad version. These let the user draw precisely and smoothly. A simple stylus gives the next best results. While these are not as responsive as the high-tech Apple Pencil, they do get the user's fingers out of the way and recreate traditional drawing techniques.   

Kids can draw in this app just using their fingers but as the user's fingers obscure the view of the screen, it doesn't feel as good as using a stylus or Apple Pencil. This is the same for any art package, though, not just Draa. A good alternative is to combine the old and the new by using the app to provide the tuition for good old-fashioned drawing with pencil and paper. 

How will students benefit?

Even artistic children need a bit of guidance to help them realise their true potential but not every child has the support of an adult with the skills or knowledge to help them. Draa gives these children some extra insight into how to develop their drawing skills. 

The digital nature of the device which holds the app makes it easy for children to draw, experiment, and learn wherever they are. The simple drawing pad lets children focus on drawing rather than learning how to use the app. Its sharp lines are easily erasable and its undo functions will give children the confidence to refine and extend their artworks. 

How will teachers benefit?

Draa provides a great basis for teachers who have limited artistic ability to put together fun art lessons that have something to offer students of all artistic abilities.   

How will parents benefit?

Unartistic parents with artistic children might feel a little unsupportive of their children's ability. While they can encourage and support their children, such parents struggle to help learning take place in the way they can with, say, maths or English. There aren't many apps to help children learn to draw so Draa will be a welcome purchase for these parents. 

What Draa can improve on?

When a user has completed their version of a drawing, the icon for it is coloured in. This emphasises the omission of any way to add colour to the drawings. Allowing users to add colour would be a very welcome feature and if this was supported by further breakdowns showing how to add highlights and shadow, it would add to the app considerably. 

How much does Draa cost?

Draa is free with in-app purchases. The app does come with many drawing guides but does not offer any variation upon the drawing experience. The value you get from this app will be determined by how much you appreciate the breakdown of the different images. You can get an overview of some of these on the app's supporting website. 

Is Draa safe to use

All of the content in Draa is suitable for children. There are no advertisements, no social media functions, and no in-app purchases. 

Overall rating of the app

Draa is a great idea that has been well executed in a simple-to-use app available at a reasonable price.  It provides useful and fun drawing tuition and has a good amount of content. Ultimately, its value will depend upon whether your child enjoys developing their drawing skills. Draa is a good choice for those who do.

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