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About Dr. Panda Town

Dr. Panda Town: Collection developed by Dr. Panda is a series of cartoon scenarios around an imaginary town, where you can interact with various different objects and let your imagination and curiosity wander. With the ability to create your own avatar with numerous different attributes, the game is only limited by the imagination of the user.

Dr. Panda Town Review

Like most games for children, I take a while to become acclimatised, and from a grown up’s perspective, it was difficult to get my head around the ‘purpose’ of the game. After downloading and setting my avatar up, I decided to start rummaging around, and because I singularly lacked the imagination of a youngster, I quickly became overwhelmed and lost. However, after a short break and a delightful watch of a young person playing and critiquing the game on YouTube, I pretty much got the point of it.

After years of target-driven assessment outcomes in education and work, I had been very much numbed to the art of playing and using my creativity. My epiphany moment arrived when I got inside the submarine, what a delight! After moving the chickens several times because I liked the way they clucked, I donned an admiral’s uniform and started to feel ‘in character.’ I had several chickens wearing the sailors hats and was somewhat disappointed that they could not wear a uniform as well! Wandering around the submarine, I had the opportunity to fiddle with almost all the knobs and levers, all of which reacted in a variety of different ways. I particularly liked the conveyor belt that made different coloured pills and gave several of them to a bald-headed gentleman who swallowed them but did not react in any way – strange I thought, but so what, I was hooked!

Venturing further, I stumbled upon a nursery. This was interesting at first, but soon became quite stressful for a grown up, because the babies would become increasingly agitated and start bawling incessantly until they were played with or put in the pram to sleep. My main task at this juncture was to pile as many babies into the pram as possible so that I could have some peace!

Clearly, this is a game packed with numerous adventures that can immerse you quickly into your own creative scenarios. At a time when many a senior leader in Education or OFSTED employee would balk at the idea of children ‘rummaging’ around a virtual world without any accountability, I think this application is a breath of fresh air. With thirty five plus locations and the promise of more to come as the game develops, and the rich variety of objects and interactions, the creative play that can be afforded is almost endless.

The graphics and music are of a high standard and great care has been put into the design, which is seamless and intuitive for children, if not for some adults! The subscription model is now a standard way for developers to make a fair price for the development of the application, which in this instance, with the large number and variety of scenarios, seems set at a fair level.

I would recommend this application for any parent struggling with an activity for their children. You can be happy in the knowledge that if they spend a fairly long time playing in the app, they will be gainfully stretched in their cognitive creative abilities, but do not tell that to an educational professional because they may devise a test to verify it!

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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