Dr Panda's Hospital

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About Dr Panda's Hospital

Dr. Panda's Hospital is an interactive educational app that teaches preschool- and kindergarten-age kids a little bit about sequencing, anatomy, and health care as they pretend to work at a hospital. 

Dr Panda's Hospital Review

At Dr. Panda’s Hospital your preschooler has a chance to help veterinarian Dr. Panda take care of the animals. They will greet 8 different animals and pets in the waiting room, take them to their hospital beds, discover their medical problems and nurse them back to health through a series of mini games.

Games like Dr. Panda’s Hospital allow children learn to be responsible and develop nurturing skills, while they take care of their patients. This game also helps children learn about health, hospitals and the roles which nurses and doctors play. They can use their imaginations to bring the game to life, helping them think creatively.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)



Engagement and Usability
Communication Skills
Collaboration Skills


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No



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