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Dr. Panda Farm

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About Dr. Panda Farm

Discover 6 fun farming activities that allow kids of all ages to learn more about the country life and food production in the farm.

Teacher Review

Kids will start exploring the process in the wheat farm by watering and harvesting the crop, then grinding the wheat into the flour at the mill. Then the baker will knead the flour into a dough. Finally, the dough is baked in the oven and sent to Dr.Panda.
Kids can start producing farm-fresh foodstuffs like eggs, honey, salad, milk, fruits and bread for customers at the farm store. There are many activities to be unlocked in Dr.Panda Farm such as Honey Farm, Fruit Farm, Dairy Farm, Chicken Farm and Vegetable Patch. 
If your child loves animals and farm games, Dr. Panda Farm will delight them for hours on end. Understanding where food comes from is an important aspect to kids' health and community awareness, so it's really neat to follow the process from the beginning to the final product in the Panda store. Overall, however, the graphics are fun, the games give a good general sense of farm practices, and kids can enjoy running the farmer's market.
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Android, iPad, iPhone



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Publisher's Description

Get ready to harvest!

Have you ever wanted to run your very own farm? Now you can with Dr. Panda! Escape to the countryside and learn how to become a farmer! Make bread from wheat, feed the chickens, take care of the cows, harvest vegetables, and much more!

From farm to table: Learn where local food comes from, what ingredients are needed and how to get them through 6 fun farming activities!

After you’ve made your farm-fresh goods, head over to the Farmer’s Market and make your customers happy by giving them the produce they want! Happy customers will give you building tools to expand your farm!


  • 6 fun farming activities to do and explore!  
  • Learn all about farming and country life!
  • Earn special items and unlock even more ways to play!  
  • Plant vegetables, harvest fruit, collect honey from bees and much more!  
  • Lots of farmyard secrets to discover and collect!  
  • Unique pop-up inspired art style to tell your farm story.  
  • Fun and easy to play. Simply touch and tap – Perfect for people of all ages!
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