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Dot to Dot: Zoo Edition is the first in a series of connect the dot applications built by RouxBee. The game is designed to encourage exploration of the natural world by collecting and learning about the animals for your child’s zoo. To foster childrens’ exploration of the natural world, this game features beautifully rendered Illustrations of common and exotic animals, as well as fascinating Fun Facts about each animal. Your child will also get a sense of ownership of their Zoo through the ability to give each animal a unique name. Depending on your child’s age, the game is easy enough for them to play on their own, but is also designed for co-exploration together with your child. 
Collecting animals is accomplished through two types of Dot to Dot gameplay: Animals and Letters. 
Animal gameplay uses the classic connect the dots  experience to teach your child basic number iteration and counting to complete the puzzle. Dot To Dot learning activities also help develop fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination which in turn will strengthen their prewriting skills. In the full version, there are 24 animals that your child can collect through Animal gameplay. 
Letter gameplay uses the traditional letter tracing technique to teach your child basic letter formation and handwriting skills to complete the puzzles. This type of learning is the foundation for advancements in overall writing and reading comprehension. Once each letter is completed, your child will be given a unique new animal associated with the letter for their zoo. In the full version, there are 26 animals that your child can collect through Letter gameplay.
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