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About Dopiverse

Dopiverse is a brand new app that is so new it is still available for free in an almost-ready beta version. The app is a window into an educational universe (the Dopiverse) where kids aged 5 to 12 can learn about science, technology, engineering and maths through games and animation.At the time of this review, the beta version of Dopiverse is available for free on Android devices. While the developers are undoubtedly continuing to refine the Dopiverse experience, it feels complete.

Dopiverse Review

What is Dopiverse app?

The Dopiverse play and learning experience is structured around modules, each containing zones. This structure makes it easy for kids to explore new content, access favourites, and choose the type of activities they wish to play.

In the City Centre module, kids have an on-screen representation of themselves and a free-roaming environment containing their house. Here they can socialise within the safety net of pre-prepared responses and statements, visit each other's houses to see the rewards they have built up and play multiplayer games.

The Dopi and Friends module is character-driven. Here animations, videos, and games teach kids and let them test their learning. Kids get to know, follow, and learn with the main Dopiverse characters.

The third module, Learnventure has a topic-based approach and links to aspects of science and maths that kids will typically learn at school.

What we love about Dopiverse app.

Dopiverse feels familiar and new at the same time. Having the learning content in such a gamified environment will attract kids who dislike a purely educational approach. Their familiarity with entertainment games will help them connect with Dopiverse. 

There are elements of popular games and online experiences like Roblox or Animal Crossing in Dopiverse.  This helps using the app become second nature for kids so that the educational content stands out more.

What skills does it teach?

Dopiverse focuses on what is often known as the STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Like many jargon words, this can vary; sometimes, they are known as STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or science, technology, engineering, and applied mathematics.

It doesn't matter which acronym your kid's school uses; it remains a convenient term to describe a cross-curricular approach that combines creative, practical, theoretical and stimulating subjects.

Dopiverse is clearly intended to grow over time as it tells the user to check back for new animations and stories. Also, its lesson content includes sections marked as coming soon. Already present include math topics like percentage, multiplication, and symmetry.

Science has a similar mix of present and coming soon content. Already there are flexibility, force, and pressure.

For some topics, the app takes an approach you might not expect as they build up kids' practical skills rather than teaching from the beginning. For example, multiplication does not teach the times tables but takes kids through how to use the tables to complete more complex calculations.

What age is it appropriate for?

Dopiverse's developers have produced the content for kids aged 5 to 12. As with many apps aimed at an age range, the best value and experience suits those at the lower to middle end as they can develop along with the Dopiverse content.

Is Dopiverse app easy to use?

Like any content-packed app, Dopiverse will take a little time for kids to become familiar with it. Its logical layout, game-like approach, and fun exploration mean that it won't take long and learning it will be part of the fun.

Controlling the player's avatar is done with on-screen controls—one hand moves a virtual joypad while the other taps the jump button or rotates the view. A directional aid helps kids find the places the app asks them to visit, ensuring they can always get where they need, and on-screen characters lead and direct kids.

How will students benefit?

Educational apps and mainstream games tend to be worlds apart regarding presentation. The best graphics and most realistic animations are the preserve of AAA games with budgets to match their popularity. 

Dopiverse closes this gap with vibrant colours, well-designed characters and objects, and stimulating worlds. As the visual gap closes between entertainment and education, so does the gap between what kids want to do and what they need to do to learn. 

There are pure gameplay elements, for example, when kids hop around on 3D platforms. There are also games more heavily skewed towards education. Kids will enjoy engaging with the content in this app and won't feel that schoolwork is infiltrating their free time.

How will parents benefit?

Getting kids to do extra learning can be a point of friction in families. Kids often want to leave education at school while parents can see that their children would benefit from more practice. 

Dopiverse can ease this tension. 

How will teachers benefit?

Dopiverse feels most appropriate for home use as it encourages kids to play at their own pace and enjoy sharing the activities with other players worldwide. 

Schools could, however, make use of it. The videos could help introduce topics, and the games can be accessed without the surrounding content, which gives teachers options for their lessons.

What can Dopiverse app improve on?

Dopiverse is an impressive app, and this comes with technical requirements. During this review, we tested the app on some older devices that it reports as being compatible, but the app failed to work. While the app is free, this is no more than disappointing, but when the app moves to a subscription model, we'd like a more accurate reflection of the devices that the app can work on.

Schools on limited budgets often keep using older hardware, and parents hand down old devices to kids, so this could become an issue for some users.

Tests during this review suggest that the app needs a 64-bit compatible Android device.

When kids first begin to use this app, they need to create a username. This needs to be unique, so as the app grows in popularity, the chances of kids being able to choose easily memorable usernames will reduce. Some assistance, such as suggestions based on what kids have entered, would help.

Good to know

Dopiverse hopes to let kids from all over the world play together in a safe environment. As a new app, however, the community of players still needs to grow, and kids might have to wait to play some of the games against other users. Most of the games can still be played solo.

Dopiverse has excellent graphics and sound. It also has lots of content. The app's content is downloaded upfront reducing delays to playing but increasing the storage demands and increasing the initial download time. The version of Dopiverse reviewed needed a little over 400mb of on-device storage.

How much does Dopiverse app cost?

The app is available for free at the time of this review of Dopiverse. It is still being tested and perfected by the developer, but it feels complete. This makes now a great time to download the app and get your kids playing in its world. 

They'll get to experience the almost complete app, and you won't have to pay!

If you come to this review at a later date, check the app's trial and subscription options.

Is Dopiverse app safe to use?

Dopiverse has been built to provide a safe social experience for kids. A balance has to be struck between freedom and protection, and Dopiverse does this by making social interactions dependent on pre-prepared statements. Kids can't use free chat to communicate. 

When you first open Dopiverse, it will ask whether the user is aged over 13. As the app's targeted age range is 5 to 12, your child will likely need to answer no. Make sure that you are nearby to avoid your child feeling they need to lie at this point. The purpose of this question appears to be to ensure that you are aware of the app's privacy policy.

Overall rating of the app.

Dopiverse holds a great deal of promise. In its beta format, available at the time of this review, the quality of its presentation is excellent. The animations and games look great, and as a free app, the amount of content is well worth the download. Once the app moves to a subscription model, it will need to turn more of those resources marked coming soon into active, but, presumably they are imminent.

If your kids have an Android device, you should download Dopiverse immediately. They can have an entertaining and productive learning experience at no cost to you. At the time of this review of Dopiverse, we can't predict what its content or price will be in the future so do look carefully if you are reading this review once the subscription is active. 

Everything about Dopiverse at this point suggests it will be well worth keeping in mind when it reaches its full release. Until then, enjoy the fantastic content of Dopiverse for free!

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