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DoodleTables (Times Tables)

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Teacher Overview

An innovative app designed to help children learn and understand their tables whilst identifying misconceptions and common errors, all adaptable and tailored to individual children’s needs.

Teacher Review

An innovative app that teaches children to understand their multiplication tables as well as learn them by rote, incorporating essential facts alongside misconceptions, encouraging children master their tables at a deeper level.

Upon opening the app, children must first choose a username and pet, before being asked to rate each multiplication tables on how confident they feel: “easy”, “ok” or “tricky”.  Adult supervision is recommended as correctly identifying the tables will feed into children’s personal profile allowing Doodle Tables to adapt to their level.  Next children are guided to the homepage which consists of four different options: “Learn”; “Challenge”; “Grown-Ups” and “My Pages”.  Children must first complete a 60 second “Challenge” which requires them to answer as many multiple choice questions as possible in 60 seconds.  Incorrect answers results in an explosion sound, clearly indicating their answer was wrong, while a correct answer leads to the next question.  At the end, a statistics page is presented to children, allowing them to see their scores and time taken.

The “Learn” section is perhaps the most powerful as it enables children to learn their times tables, not by rote learning or memory, but digging deep into their understanding.  They are presented with a variety of questions and encouraged to answer these questions in different ways.  Questions are presented in traditional forms, such as 2x3, but also non-traditional forms: true or false; matching activities; order these numbers; worded questions; etc.  The style of questions are designed to identify common misconceptions and engage children whilst also allowing them to take their understanding beyond simple rote memory and actually understand the concepts being taught.  For example, some children incorrectly learn that 3÷6=2 mistaking the this as 6÷3=2, however, Doodle Tables addresses such incorrect mathematics and actually adds to future learning as children seek to understand how 3÷6=0.5 rather than 2.  Mathematically, questions are structured so that an initial incorrect answer seems to be acceptable, with children encouraged to try again, however with a further incorrect answer, the child is informed that this question will be presented at a later point.  At this point, it should be noted that the developers refer to an algorithm which adapts to the child’s level and it is presumed that such repeated incorrect answers are taught explicitly at a later point.  This is similar to the developers’ first app, Doodle Maths, which introduces new concepts gradually and then revises them over time.

In the “My Pages” section, children are able to see their progress and also upgrade their pet.  The progress area highlights the activities for each day and records children’s highest achievements alongside the number of stars earned (by correctly answering questions) while the pet section is cleverly designed so that children can buy items for their pet with the stars they earn, motivating them to continue playing and therefore progressing.  This section also displays an arrow along a scale, displaying children’s level from amateur to pro – a great visual key as to their current abilities.

In the “Grown-Ups” section there is a multitude of settings to browse through, allowing changes to music, response times, restrict multiplication tables, etc.  This adaptability, such as response times or restricting tables, allows the adult direct the learning if needed.  Adults can also view the analysis page, giving an immediate overview of the tables mastered and those still being learned.

From an educational standpoint, this app offers the ability to adapt to the child’s level that other apps do not.  Mathematically, it identifies misconceptions and encourages deeper learning. Overall, worthy of its 5 star rating.

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Designed by leading experts, DoodleTables doesn't just test your child's times tables - it teaches them, too.

Drawing on the adaptive learning engine of it's big brother, the best-selling DoodleMaths, DoodleTables will:

1) Recognise your child's strengths and weaknesses
2) Adapt to their level
3) Design a work program to ensure they learn their times tables as quickly as they can manage themselves.

Add up to six users at no extra cost.

"DoodleTables has helped my class move from step-counting to instant recall in little more than a fortnight... they love the reward system, which puts them all on a level playing-field whilst still allowing each of them to work at their own individual level" Marie B, Advanced Skills Teacher, Middlesex.

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