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About Domestika

Domestika is a platform that brings together a large community of creative professionals from around the world.

Domestika Review

What do we like about Domestika?

The development of information, skills, and artistic abilities is the main goal of Domestika lessons. There are classes for everyone, from beginners to experts, from those who have never drawn before to those who want to master 3D.

What skills does it improve?

With Domestika, people are encouraged to share their knowledge and initiatives with the community while developing new skills, advancing in their jobs, and becoming professionals in fields they are interested in.

What age is it appropriate for?

Domestika is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Domestika free?

Domestika is free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

How will students benefit?

Most of the information in Domestika courses must be in video format and lasts between two and four hours. Additionally, they may have access to tools like reading materials, templates, and spreadsheets.

As they lead students through the content and practical exercises and until the step-by-step creation of a final project, instructors impart their knowledge and experiences. For students to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they desire, Domestika offers on-demand online courses with unrestricted lifetime access.

Practice is given a lot of attention in teaching methodology. Student skill development is necessary, after all. To aid with learning, there are many activities spread out over the course of the lessons, and at the conclusion, students create a project to put what they've learned to use and begin developing their portfolio.

How will teachers benefit?

The courses are instructed by experts in the creative industry. However, anyone can submit their course proposals and lessons, which will be evaluated and curated by the platform, so you don't have to be a well-known expert. If accepted, Domestika will give them full support in creating the lessons and materials to the platform's quality standards.

How will parents benefit?

Domestika, which was created as a community of creatives, stands out primarily in this regard: it is not just an app with online courses; it is also a place for exchange, sharing, and interaction with other experts in creative fields. As a result, even after completing the course, you continue to learn by attending classes.

How much does it cost?

All of the platform's thematic areas have open courses available through Domestika. Only PRO users, though, can access them for free. The app introduces brand-new open courses each month. The month they are released is available to subscribers to watch. They must, however, pay $ 39.90 for each one if they intend to continue with the course, access the community, and obtain a certificate.

Final thoughts

Domestika courses are thorough and well-structured, have effective teaching methods, and are produced with quality and a focus on practice, which is useful for those who want to begin developing their portfolio and making money using their talents.

The app has advantages that include discounts on buying the courses, standing out in the community with the PRO profile, getting access to free courses, and, most importantly, getting certificates. So it makes sense to invest in the subscription if you plan to enrol in multiple courses.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Critical Thinking
Creative Development
Life Skills


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Domestika, Inc.

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