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Developer Description

Doll play books are an interaction book.
You can listen, touch, move factors and record your voice to this app book which produced world children's classic story into puppet show.

$4.99 >> $1.99

** Please download in WIFI mode.

It guides adults into memory calling out nostalgia in childhood, and helps children purifying emotion in the world of pure innocence.

Charming movement and various flash effect of cute and pretty main characters makes children get into fairy tales.

With support from native voice actors into both Korean and English it is greatly effective in children's English education.

Doll-play has recording function!

Parents in person record and play it to children!!!

It's so much exiting and interesting that children get into fairy tales without missing even a moment.

Of course, children also could record by themselves!

Child makes and records fairy tale book of his own

Greatly increases earning of Korean and English as well as creative power

You are now invited to wonderful doll-play world.


[How to view]

First, select language you want to listen to.

Setup Korean, English or my voice

Next, setup page auto-play or touch-play.

Auto-play moves main characters fit to the story.

Touch-play makes main characters operate by responding to the touch.

When setup finishes, all you have to do is to push the PLAY button.

[How to record]

When you push RECORD button, it turns to recording page.

You can record page by page from 1 page to the last page you want to record after pressing the page button you want to record from the list.

Finish recording before blue line at the right side passes over the end of red line.

Press PLAY button when recording is finished after setting up my voice at naration mode.


Developed by Actus

Produced by Swan Media



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