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About Do You Promise?

Do You Promise? formalises and tracks the promises of good behaviour that children make to parents.  By building in a sense of ceremony and a firm log of the promised reward, the app helps children understand the importance of keeping their promises. 

Teacher Review

Of course, promises have always been made by children to parents and parents have always offered rewards for keeping them. The difference that the app Do You Promise? adds is one of formalisation and a sense of ceremony.

Once a promise has been chosen, a reward negotiated, and a date set for its duration, the process begins in the app.  A video call comes through to the child by their chosen character.  This takes the form of a well-animated cartoon that outlines the importance of both the concept of a promise and the actual pledge that is being made.  The sense of this being a personalised message is added to by the child appearing on the screen as they would in a real video call.

The formalisation and sense of a promise being sealed are then completed as the agreed upon promise is locked in by both the parent and child holding their fingers to the screen.  Once this is complete the pledge is made.

All of the above process is done in the parental section of the app.   The promises made and the duration left are shown in the children's section.   Parents of more than one child will be pleased to see that multiple children can have their promises tracked by the app.  Each child’s name, date of birth, and photo are added to their area.

It might, at first, appear that the promises are completely predefined but they are customisable to a degree.  For example, choosing a "good manners" promise, still allows you to specify the exact manners to display.  You may stipulate in your own words behaviours such as to “always say thank you,” or to “ask before taking” as the precise promise. 

Teachers of young children might wish that the app had some more specific school categories.  They probably wouldn’t want to administer a whole class of children using the app but it could be a useful strategy for dealing with a few children who are displaying persistent problem behaviours.  As it is, under the good manners promises,  teachers could include “not calling out” or “staying seated during lessons” but it would be nice for there to be a category and associated animations specifically related to schools.

The app is free to download and allows a limited number of promises to be made.  This gives you the chance to see whether your own child responds well to the formalisation of promises made using the app.  If they do, then you can purchase additional promise packs.  As you get access to the total array of features and can go through the full process, it is an excellent introduction to the app.  

Some people might feel that having an end date for a promise is counterproductive.  What is the point if behaviour reverts after the date has been reached and the reward received?  An easy counter to this is that, for children, no promise is without an end date anyway.  It might not be defined but no child can be expected to hold to a pledge indefinitely – if it could, parenting and teaching would be far easier!

Shaping children to exhibit behaviour that respects themselves and others is an ongoing process.  If they have kept a promise in using this app, then they have formed a model of behaviour that has exhibited its own intrinsic rewards as well as having become a habit.  Some may fall back to old behaviours or attempt to exploit the reward/promise mechanic but parents have always had to deal with this.

Do You Promise? is not and does not claim to be a solution to all parenting issues but it is a thoughtfully designed and well-made tool to help make parenting a little easier.

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Do You Promise? is a fantastic, free app that encourages children to finish their dinner, brush their teeth or share their toys! Created with both parents & children in mind, the Do You Promise app helps parents with the process of positively influencing their children to complete tasks and chores.
Do You Promise? uses technology to stimulate and guide a child’s development and improve their behaviour and learning through the use of fun characters and interaction. Motivate and inspire your child into making a "promise" with an animated character like Gummibär and his friends, Super Geek Heroes, or even Santa himself via a video style phonecall! Keep your child on track with interactive video calls from their favourite characters, and track their promises with our interactive rewards chart and videos.

Do You Promise? is perfect for busy parents helping to create incentives and encouraging children to complete tasks and make positive achievements through the commitment of a promise over a period of time. The app utilises magical character animation and progress charts to encourage your child throughout the process and also prompts you to reward your child when the promise has been achieved.

Allows parents to create, track and reward a child’s promise

Create progress charts and receive alerts when a child’s reward is due

Specific adult views for effective user experience

Bespoke children views for child engagement, learning & interaction

Video characters Gummibär, Super Geek Heroes and Santa deliver magical messages to child

Print or share your achievement certificate via social media!

Do You Promise is so simple to use, just make a profile for your child, set the reward and duration for their chosen promise then watch in amazement as your child does exactly as the character has asked!! How many times have you asked your children to put their toys away? They promise they will, but they never do! Now you can use your fingerprints on the in-app fingerprint scanner to "lock in that promise!"Your child will then receive the incentive of a real-time reward of your choice and a certificate for keeping their promise.
Do You Promise uses characters like Gummibär, and the Super Geek Heroes such as Jake Jotter, Millie Maths, Peter Planet and Ronnie Rock to help children develop, be creative, learn and enjoy life.
Encourage commitment in adulthood
Provide children with the opportunity to learn self-control and to make responsible choices on their own
Educate children about the world and how to get along with the people in it by learning rules and understanding how to improve their behaviour
Our ambition is to help parents bring structure and enlightenment to their children’s lives through the magic of modern technology, whilst encouraging learning and rewarding good behavioural achievements.
We are driven by a single goal; to help children develop and achieve through fun methods. We believe in supporting parents in making their children’s lives joyful and structured
A video message from a selected character is initiated to deliver a message to your child encouraging commitment and acting as an incentive to keep their promise. Your child appears in the screen to add authenticity to the process.
The character explains why the promise is important and asks your child to ‘lock in’ their promise as a sign of commitment. The ‘lock in’ screen appears outlining the terms of the promise then both child and parent touch the screen to ‘lock in’ the promise.
The promise video can be replayed anytime to remind the child of their commitment. Once your child has achieved their promise the selected character delivers a ‘well done’ video message to congratulate them on their achievement and to enjoy their reward.
Download Do You Promise? and start encouraging your child’s development in a fun and engaging way the whole family can enjoy.

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