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About Division with Ibbleobble

Division with Ibbleobble uses the familiar mechanic of answering multiple-choice questions to practice and develop fluency in division.  It combines this approach with a polished and well-designed presentation.

Division with Ibbleobble Review

A child's ability to answer division questions is strongly linked to their understanding of multiplication but, as well as knowing the multiplication tables fluently, they must still practise specific division questions.  This builds their skill in employing their multiplication knowledge in the correct way to work out division-based arithmetic.

Division with Ibbleobble provides a child-friendly way for young learners to carry out this essential practice.   The app has a very smooth feel to it as bold and colourful pages and on-screen elements slide on to the screen accompanied by clear sound effects and voices.  The typeface used for the numbers is clear and easily readable by children of an age where they will be learning this type of arithmetic.

Like many practice apps, it is multiple-choice based.   Each question appears alongside a choice of three possible answers.  Selecting the correct one earns a point.  Selecting an incorrect one indicates the wrong choice has been made but has no other effect.  The correct answer must be chosen before the questions move on.  

Each game takes place within a selected level indicated by one of the 

Ibbleobble characters.  A further setting of easy, medium or hard, controls the time pressure.  All of the rounds take place within a total time of 1 minute but each question can also have a time limit.  Easy has no limit, medium has a slowly decreasing limit, and hard really piles on the pressure.

The playing experience is very smooth and easy to follow.  Some children might need to be instructed not to abuse the lack of penalty for selecting incorrect answers as they realise that quickly tapping through all three options has no ill effect and can provide a quick response.

A single purchase of any of the complementary apps within the Ibbleobble collection of maths apps covers a number of devices which is great for parents.  Children can practise on the go using a tablet, at home using Apple TV or, for those unexpected moments of hanging around, they can use a parent's mobile phone.  The clarity of the layout, colours and typefaces combined with the simplicity of playing mean that Division with Ibbleobble works well on all of the different formats.

Teachers will be pleased to see that the scores are easily reset within the app making it easy to use with different children to see how each has performed within the app.  The various levels and time options also make it possible to adjust the app to suit the abilities of different children without them feeling that they are having a different experience from their classmates.

Multiple choice arithmetic apps are popular choices for parents and teachers wanting to provide extra support for their children.  Division with Ibbleobble is also available in the developer's collections of similar apps that provide practice in different areas of arithmetic.  If this well-made app sounds like something you'd like, you should look at one of the collections of which it is a part to see if you can save some money and get a whole suite of arithmetic apps for your children.

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