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Divide Number Puzzle

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Divide Number Puzzle

Divide is a pleasant and somewhat amusing app that will engage you in division strategy, the better you are at placing the randomly generated number beside other numbers within the grid the higher the score you obtain and the higher level you will achieve.

Teacher Review

Divide is an interesting game that claims your child will become ‘a genius of mathematics soon’ this I hope was intended with a pinch of salt, because essentially the only skills involved in the game are division and placing numbers in a restricted nine celled grid to cancel out or reduce the numbers. That said, the most successful games are based on very simple rules and despite the outrageously overstated claim this game may well spark the enthusiasm of young learners of maths to go on and develop extra skills!

The game itself was easy to load from the Google Play store and the introductory help screens were intuitively put together and eased the user into playing the game very quickly and effortlessly. The dark grey of the background and the light grey of the grid added emphasis to the cyan coloured numbers. Top left of the screen was a white trophy icon that represented the leader board with the current high score. To the right of this was a generally accepted ‘pause’ button which intriguingly pops up a settings menu where the user can toggle the sound on or off, click on the leader board and reset the game back to the beginning. The sound quality is good and the customary sound enhancements for placing the number in the grid and succeeding in matching or dividing adjacent numbers are jolly. A pop up screen appears when a number is matched or divided with a curious ‘combo’ text denoting a result.

To play the game you simply have to place a number displayed on the bottom of the screen onto the nine celled grid in the middle of the screen, or you can save the number in one cell for later. The number, once placed in the grid cannot be moved and will not change until you place a number beside it that will either match the number and then both numbers will be wiped out; or if the original number is divisible with the new number then it will be reduced or wiped out along with the number placed beside it. The aim of the game is to avoid clogging up the grid with numbers that cannot be divided or matched with each other. As the user proceeds through the game the number of wipe outs or divisions achieved is directly related to the levelling up of the numbers which become increasingly bigger and more difficult to divide!

The annoying feature, as with many free games is the plethora of adverts that appear, the bottom of the screen has a permanent advert on it and changes every ten seconds or so and the final score is hijacked with another full screen advert that you are forced to watch until the end, all very clever marketing, for a marketer, but not for an educationalist.

However, if you or your child are travelling somewhere and at a loss to do something this may well fit the bill for a short while. 

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Ken Watanabe

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  • Divide Number PuzzleDivide Number PuzzleDivide Number PuzzleDivide Number Puzzle


Divide is quite unique puzzle game with using division.

When you place a block, if the block is able to be divided by next blocks, the block will be divided.

Consider the placement, there are very limited space.

You can also make a chain and get high score!

Divide is also good for training your calculation ability. You will become much cleverer than before! This is the best brain training app!

If your child play this game, he or she will become a genius of mathematics soon!

-Simple rule! Anyone who understands division can play this game!
-Strategic! If you want high score, you need high strategy.
-Nice effect when you make a chain!

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