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About Disney Pop Town!

Disney Pop Town is a charming match-3 puzzle game that lets players rebuild Disney-themed towns. Beautiful musical towns are lying in ruins and only you can restore them back to their former glory. Download Disney Pop Town on iOS or Android device.

Disney Pop Town! Review

Disney Pop Town is a match-3 game for iOS and Android smartphones, which parents should be aware of. It has matching games and a plot that involves restoring a village.

What do we like about Disney Pop Town?

In Disney Pop Town, solving match-3 puzzles awards players stars. In a place decorated in the style of Disney, the stars are employed to carry out restoration duties like cleaning up trash or restoring a bus stop. You can learn about the town from the people you encounter. Toy Story, Aladdin, and other costumes that grant special abilities to change the game board are acquired along the journey by players. 

What skills does it improve?

The players can accomplish various tasks within the allotted number of moves with the aid of booster objects like bombs, such as clearing a route to a star sign or removing the specified number of Mickey Mouse faces.

What age is it appropriate for?

The straightforward games and entertaining story in this related product should appeal to players of all ages, as the characters guide players through the town's restoration efforts.

Is Disney Pop Town free?

Disney Pop Town can be easily downloaded on all android and IOS devices. 

Is Disney Pop Town easy to use?

The Disney Pop Town app's puzzle games and chores relating to the town are primarily simple to understand, while there are a few features that should be explained in more detail, such as the Lucky Tickets, which let youngsters draw a Lucky Box and maybe win an avatar costume. Technically, unless they get stuck on a level, players are not required to purchase anything in order to play. Even then, players have the option to purchase ruby packages ranging from $0.99 to $79.99 to continue the game while they wait for their lives to renew.

How will students benefit?

Players in Disney Pop Town perform matching activities to earn stars, which are then spent on upgrades like scrubbing a beach and putting flowers around a statue. There are regulations for the matching games; for example, players must clear a certain amount of symbols in a certain number of moves. However, the puzzles are typically not too challenging, and specific matching combinations will produce special items that assist in removing significant amounts of the board. For instance, a Rocket Pin created by matching identical symbols in a square configuration clears objects in a plus sign-shaped area.

Players may find it entertaining to observe avatar costumes based on well-known Disney characters because of the booster goods and unique goals that are provided at different stages. The different sorts of cash, which include coins, rubies, and tickets, can be a little perplexing, but as long as players are aware that stars are required to do tasks, they should be able to navigate the game's two primary areas. If they can't solve a riddle, players could encounter certain problems. They have the option to use some of their lives or rubies, which are occasionally acquired through behaviours like watching an advertisement, to make additional attempts or moves.

How will parents benefit?

Although it might not be required, the app doesn't mind advertising those things in its Shop area and through a character that appears early in the game and advertises starter pack deals. A lot of Disney franchises, including Aladdin, Toy Story, and others, will also be introduced to players.

What can Disney Pop Town improve on?

However, you only receive five, and it costs one to play each level, so if you're still stuck, that might not be much assistance. Although the app provides ruby packages for purchase and makes some overt attempts to get users to do so, there isn't the same level of pressure to do so as there is in other games. If they run out of lives, players may just wait for them to reappear, but it may not even be necessary given how easy the puzzles are to solve. However, in general, smaller children should be able to follow through and play without any issues because Pop Town's games aren't overly complicated.

How much does Disney Pop Town cost?

Disney Pop Town is available free of cost to play and it has in-app purchases that start from $89. 

Final thoughts

A lovely match-3 puzzle game called Disney Pop Town allows players to rebuild Disney-themed villages. Only you can bring the lovely melodic towns back to their previous splendour as they lie in ruins.

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