Disney Magic Kingdoms

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  • age 7+

About Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a tycoon-style simulation game that lets kids help release the amusement park from an evil spell, assign characters tasks, and keep visitors happy.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Review

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a time management game for Disney fans to create their own theme park. The Kingdom has been overrun by dark magic, where Maleficent is the prime suspect. The Kingdom is an amalgamation of Disney parks and players are required to unlock adjoining ‘lands’, where rides, houses and restaurants can be built.

The game is a light park simulation game, where players need to make as many visitors dreams come true as possible. Characters gain Happiness when they reach their desired location and the game's progress is reliant on Happiness. Happiness contributed by characters that have left the park disappears, encouraging players to play often. Time is spent employing characters to perform tasks, which in turn produces the in-game currency of Magic, earns XP, levels up characters and produces superior items. Actions take time to complete, which is beneficial in this game as characters can only perform one action at a time. It’s a great game for Disney fans.

The social media interaction with this game is great for on-the-go gaming, as players can view friends' parks for inspiration and improvements, so the game can be considered even whilst players are waiting for unlocks. We've found some fun Disney app games that are sure to have you feeling nostalgic and like a kid again in no time.

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