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Disney Buddies: 123s

Rating Disney Buddies: 123s - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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  • age 3+
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About Disney Buddies: 123s

Disney Buddies: 123s allows kids to explore the numbers and counting through mini interactive games with over 50 familiar Disney and characters.

Disney Buddies: 123s Review

The Disney Buddies 123s app present a playful and kid-friendly environment for kids to explore the numbers from 1-20. 

The kids will start the numbers in numerical order, choose to skip around at any time, or tap an arrow to spin a wheel to get a random number. For each target number, the narrator says its name and then counts up to that number as they all roll by on a train, though kids can fast-forward through this part. Then kids complete a mini activity that requires them to manipulate the target number of objects as the narrator counts. The Disney Buddies 123s app includes “It’s Fun to Count to 20!” song sung by Mickey Mouse himself.

With adorable graphics and simple, stress-free gameplay, the apps present a modern approach for learning the  numbers from 1-20.

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Android, iPhone


Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)




Cognitive Development
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - No



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