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DinoTim: Basic Math and Addition

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 3+

About DinoTim: Basic Math and Addition

Dino Tim Basic Math and Addition is a gamified approach to teaching counting skills. A superhero dinosaur and a good witch work together to defeat the bad guys by exploring shapes, numbers and colors with a big side of fun gameplay that will also hone fine motor skills.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Cognitive Development
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - Yes

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Antonio Munoz German

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  • DinoTim: Basic Math and AdditionDinoTim: Basic Math and AdditionDinoTim: Basic Math and AdditionDinoTim: Basic Math and AdditionDinoTim: Basic Math and Addition


Here you go! With “Dino Tim: Learning colors and shapes and my first words” children in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6 years old) and primary school will learn with no effort while having fun.

The game is entirely translated into English but, if you wish so, you can also use Tim the Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian... You only need to switch languages!

Enjoy the adventure!
Some funny witches have abducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help him rescuing them!
Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly and collect figures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witches into animals!!

Children will experience an exciting adventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometric shapes, running, flying, jumping and doing magic to unblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.


  • Learn to recognise geometric shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and rhombus.
  • Enhance speed, attention and psychomotoricity with the color recognizing game: red, green, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Learn first words, letters, consonants and vowels (literacy -abc-) in a fun manner in his native language (English).
  • Start learning a foreign language (Spanish, French, Italian…) for pre-school and primary school children (3-12 years old).
  • Resolve educational puzzles about different geometric shapes: squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses.
  • Learn and enhance coordination and fine motor skill in youngsters.
  • Develop visual perception of different shapes and objects in motion.
  • Develop attention and concentration in children.
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