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Developer Description

All dinosaurs on your iPhone/iPad, and much more: so many high-definition photos with zoom to discover every single detail, sound simulation, accurate detailed cards, a series of tours on set, recognition quizzes and, puzzles of different difficulty level. Click on "More" and you will find out why “Dinosaurs 360 Gold” is the best application about dinosaurs.

Children and grown-ups will have fun flipping through their favourite dinosaurs’ pictures and to know those they didn’t know existed. They will be able to enlarge the pictures, see details, their proportion comparing to Men and, thanks to detailed cards discover their features and most interesting curiosities.
There are in addition 4 tours, where you will be able to “walk around” among dinosaurs in the many different geologic eras.

With Dinosaurs 360 Gold your child can learn all about dinosaurs having fun.
He/she can test his/her own knowledge through a simple and easy to use visual/sound quiz and, have fun assembling the pictures of each dinosaur with the puzzle. The possibility to change difficulty level will allow an adequate use for all ages.
Your children will never stop learning!

Among the main functionalities of Dinosaurs 360 Gold are:

  • Over 60 dinosaurs with amazing high-definition photos
  • no less than 3 photo for each dinosaur + 1 with the proportion comparing to Men and fossils finding places
  • Detailed cards
  • Zoom function over the pictures
  • Quiz to test your own knowledge
  • Puzzle with different difficulty levels
  • Tours on site
  • Appealing graphic interface, use-friendly and easy to handle

Thought by parents and created for children and grown-ups willing to know everything about dinosaurs.

It is easy to learn when you are having fun!

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