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About Dino-Store

Dino Store is a beautifully illustrated and humorous story of a young boy and his father who accidently brink home some dinosaur eggs from the super market.  Of course the eggs hatch and the adventure begins with the young dinosaurs creating much mayhem in their new home. The app features some lovely interactive features that help make it a very engaging story for young readers. 

Teacher Review

Dino-Store is a story app written by Roger Stedarat and Illustrated by Trade Loeffler.  The story features a young boy named Leo and his family.  At the start of the book Leo and his dad go to the supermarket to buy some eggs but they get more than they bargained for when they get them home and realize that they have bought dinosaur eggs.  Of course the eggs hatch and the family have to work out what to do with their new houseguests.

The app has two main options, “Read it myself” and “Follow along”.   In both modes readers navigate by using back and forward arrows at the bottom of the page.   Both modes also feature some really engaging interactivity with the beautiful illustrations. When the reader touches many of the images they become animated and have a sound effect that plays with them. One of the really nice aspects is that objects have a range of animation so that each time the reader touches an image, something different happens.

The narration is clear and read with great expression which makes the follow along option more interesting than some other story apps on the market.   The story is generally recommended for 4-6 year olds but is also popular with some older children, especially with those who have a particular interest in dinosaurs.  

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Discover what happens after Leo and his father buy the HUGE eggs at the grocery store. Touch the screen to find funny animations.

Kids, parents, teachers and critics love this funny & charming dino-store story.
* Digital Storytime Top Picks for Storybook Apps
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* Awarded prestigious Kirkus Star
* Picked as a favorite by Top Kid Apps
* Kirkus Top Picks for Storybook Apps
* A best app pick by Geeks With Juniors

***Now in English and Spanish!***
*** Funny, creative, and beautifully illustrated.
*** 23 pages full of surprises for kids to discover.
*** Read to yourself or follow along options.
*** Easy navigation for kids of all ages.
*** Perfect for classroom, home, or on the go reading.
*** Appropriate for kids on the Autism spectrum too.

Developed by LLC whose clients include PBS, Scholastic Inc., Wiley Publishing, Little Brown Books and Barnes & Noble.

Dino-Store is written by Roger Sedarat and Illustrated by Trade Loeffler.

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