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DinnerTime Plus

A smarter parental control

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 18+

About DinnerTime Plus

DinnerTime Plus is a useful companion app for parents who already have a DinnerTime account.

The app lets you monitor and manage your kid’s online activities from your iPhone - with Dinner Time, Scheduled Breaks(e.g. bed time, study time) and Take a Break supervision mode. You can also set guidelines for your kid’s online activities like how much they can spend online, get real-time monitoring usage and history. With $3.99 one-time in-app purchase, parents can increase the number of connected kid’s accounts from 2 to 5 and also unlocks detailed online usage reporting feature.

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App Details

Teacher Ratings


iPad, iPhone



Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No



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