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DimDon World Map

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DimDon world map is a beautifully presented app aimed at students between the ages of 5-8 years of age. The app has two game modes, one for world maps and the other for animals. We recommend using the world map section as this seems to provide the best feedback.

Both play modes offer the student a 3D map where they either have to map the country to the globe as a jigsaw piece or match the country and the animal to the globe. The graphics are excellent and the students can zoom in and rotate the globe with ease. A timer is set to see of the globe can be filled with the countries and oceans. You can practice and record your quickest time.

Although this app is initially in Spanish the app can be translated into English at a touch of a button. There are also some nice features where the app can be shared, languages can be changed and a help function can be called upon.

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Jose Maria Izquierdo

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