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DimDon World Map

About DimDon World Map

DimDon world map is a beautifully presented app aimed at students between the ages of 5-8 years of age. The app has two game modes, one for world maps and the other for animals. We recommend using the world map section as this seems to provide the best feedback.

Both play modes offer the student a 3D map where they either have to map the country to the globe as a jigsaw piece or match the country and the animal to the globe. The graphics are excellent and the students can zoom in and rotate the globe with ease. A timer is set to see of the globe can be filled with the countries and oceans. You can practice and record your quickest time.

Although this app is initially in Spanish the app can be translated into English at a touch of a button. There are also some nice features where the app can be shared, languages can be changed and a help function can be called upon.

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Jose Maria Izquierdo

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DimDom World Map

Do you want to know everything about our planet?

Press play and try to solve our World Map and Animal Map in the least amount of time possible, two educational puzzles in 3D that will teach children everything about our planet’s geography and wildlife.

WORLD MAP. Continents and Oceans have been turned into pieces of a 3D puzzle that needs to be solved.

•Pay attention to Mr. Martin, a funny guy that will name the pieces as they pop up on your touch screen.
•Spin the Earth around until you spot where each piece of the puzzle goes.
•Drag each piece to its correct position!
•Learn without any kind of effort the names of our Continents and Oceans.
•Choose the language in which you want to play, English or Spanish.
•Choose whether you want subtitles or not.
•Observe our planet, zoom in, zoom out, and rotate it as you please.
•Europe, the North Pole, the Pacific Ocean…

Each World Map piece presents a small challenge. Don’t forget the size and shape of the pieces in order to have no problems when placing them.

ANIMAL MAP. Now let’s learn about animals. Watch the 25 available species as they appear on the screen and locate the part of the world where each one comes from.
•Watch how they run, fly or swim thanks to the excellent illustrations this educational puzzle has.
•Listen well to Mr. Martin, the 3D DimDon teacher. He will guide you naming the animals as they appear on your touch screen.
•Learn how to write and pronounce the names of the animals in both English and Spanish.
•Try to recognise their characteristic sounds.
•Enjoy this bilingual game which will put your manual and observation skills to the test.
•Take your time to do it and repeat it as many times as you want.
•Learn in an interactive, personalized and fun way.
•Wolfs, sharks, humpback whales, condors, horses... and so on! Children will love learning about these animals and the place they come from.

Play, learn, and have fun with World Map and Animal Map, two 3D educational games produced by the DimDon library of educational applications.

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