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Digits, the calculator for humans

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 16+

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iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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  • Digits, the calculator for humansDigits, the calculator for humansDigits, the calculator for humansDigits, the calculator for humansDigits, the calculator for humans

Publisher's Description

Get organized! Conquer numbers on the go.

We're human. We're busy. We make mistakes. So we designed a calculator for humans, from the ground up. Digits combines the edit-ability of a spreadsheet with the simplicity of calculator. Dare we say it? Digits is a calculator a human can love.

So, why do so many humans love Digits? Its uniquely correctable tape means never worrying if you entered a calculation correctly. Make a mistake? Tap any entry on the tape to correct it (or edit, insert, copy and more). Then, add a label/comment and email or print the tape.

Digits is great for:

  • Adding up expenses, labeling and emailing them
  • Doing a quick calculation and being able to double-check and correct entries with ease
  • Entering a long series of calculations and then emailing it to yourself for import into Numbers or Excel
  • Quickly calculating a couple scenarios by editing any previous entry to automatically update the total
  • Easily creating a grand total from a number of previous calculations with flagging
  • Keeping a series of short calculations available for later reference
  • Sharing via email, printed output or by files.


EASY: perfect for a quick calculation, powerful enough for pages of them.
MADE FOR iPad: uses the whole iPad display to leave cramped buttons behind.
MADE FOR iPhone: all of the iPad features on an interface designed just for iPhone.
TAPE: never lose track of what you've entered.
PRINT: print-quality output with AirPrint (where available).
SHARE: Use iTunes File Sharing to backup and share .digits tape files to other Digits Calculator users and your other iOS devices.
EMAIL: tap to email your tape.
COMMENTING: label any item in your tape and include comments in tape emails.
CORRECTIONS: make edits and inserts to previous calculations at any time!
SIMPLE TAPE STRUCTURE: one calculation on each tape line means quick one-touch access for edits.
AUTOSAVE: holds your calculations and tape in place for the next time you return.
RUNNING TOTAL: always displays the total above so you can focus on what you're entering.
CUSTOMIZABLE: a wide arrange of settings, including currency mode, sound and background color! 

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