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About DiaryZapp for Schools

DiaryZapp for Schools is a digital creative daily diary that helps develop positive wellbeing and mental health habits in children. This application is suitable for Primary and Middle schools including ages 5 to 11. Teachers can use the application to create classes and monitor individual daily diary entries from an easy to use teacher portal. Parents and Teachers will be pleased to know that the application is aligned with the Mental Wellbeing PSHE learning objectives for PSHE Key Stage 1 and 2.

This app is free from in-app adverts and has a range of price points for subscriptions. The digital diary plays in a landscape mode and is suitable for both mobile and tablet devices. The application is available for both Android, Apple iOS devices as well as the Microsoft platform. The application is supported by a developers website that includes video tutorials, pricing, guides for getting started with the app and much more.

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DiaryZapp for Schools Review

The application opens promptly in landscape mode displaying a beautiful ‘Splash screen’ and a number of login options. The screen is colourful and clear, we simply love the music!

Teachers can log in using the ‘I’m a Teacher’ where a date of birth is required before the application exports you to the Teacher Portal. The teacher portal requires a log-in and password which allows access to classes and individual student diaries. To enter a class simply add your school and class name and then the students. Students require a first and last name along with a display name. It is important that the display name is not duplicated .i.e. if there are two Harry’s in the group this will need to be different for each child. The developers have added a feature where an excel .csv file can be downloaded into the dashboard as long as the format is correct. A format template is also provided to speed up the process. Once the class has been created Class Emojis can be added for the class to choose from on a daily basis. Once added the class can be seen on the classes page along with their profile. 

The Teachers portal dashboard also enables the teacher to receive alerts and notifications such as a new family connection, ask for an adult, trigger words and licence transfer requests. Teachers can also edit classes, add emojis and much more. 

Selecting the ‘I’m a Child’ option requires a login from the teacher. This can be entered in the form of a given username and password or the option of scanning a QR code provided by the teacher. Once the student has entered their login they as shown the welcome screen that introduces the wonderful characters called Zappicons. Students can now create their own wonderful Zappicon by using the menu options by changing body shape, eyes, nose, arms and head decoration. All options come with colour menus and the ability to include your character in your photos. We love the random dice feature icon that will choose a random character for the user.

Once the Zappicon has been created the student is shown their own Personalised Diary. This screen provides further options such as turning the sound on and off, access to the calendar, character editing, return to the login and the number of diary entries. Students can ask for help using the help feature which in turn will alert the teacher via notifications on the teacher portal. Students can use emojis to express how they are feeling on this given day, a student space where they can express themselves.

Created a diary page could not be easier. The student opens their Diary to an editable page full of features. If the student is stuck they can click on their Zappicon for Tool guidance and ideas. The page displays a wide range of tools for the child to explore including Grab and move stickers, text and photos, drawing tools, text boxes, stickers, an eraser, funky paper, colour palettes, backgrounds, back and forth undo buttons and save. There is also a daily boost message provided by their Zappicon for each day.

We particularly enjoyed the stickers menu where students can find a large range of stickers to add to their diary from animals to clothing to food to sports and much more! These stickers can be added moved, rotated and scaled accordingly. There is also a Speech to text function for those students who do not wish to write depending on the device being used. Once they have completed their page simply click on the green tick to save it. Your Zappicon will celebrate your work and keep track of the number of pages completed and the level you have achieved so far.

This unique application is not about completing the best work possible to a required assessment but the ability for the child to express their daily thoughts, feelings and celebrate events that may have happened such as a birthday at the weekend or a recent trip. Children can write their diaries at school or use the application at home or on holiday.  

The teacher portal displays the current emoji that the child has selected on the day giving the teacher an instant overview of how the class is feeling. The teacher can also view the child’s diary entry using the calendar.

Parents can also log in to the application using the family invite provided by the teacher. This will enable the parents to see updates of their child’s diary created by them.  

Is the DiaryZapp for Schools app easy to use?

DiaryZapp for Schools is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look over cluttered. Each of the menus can be easily accessed and the digital journal and tools work seamlessly. The application and teacher dashboard support each other well and provide a versatile platform that requires little training.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can set their child off and running with the application with very little support from the outset once a profile has been created from the teacher login details. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the digital diary is aligned with the Mental Wellbeing PSHE learning objectives for PSHE Key Stage 1 and 2. Parents can see diary updates from their child along with emojis that have been chosen on the day. This may enable a parent to pick up why their child may be sad on a certain day or patterns in behaviour or wellbeing.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can set their students off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. Teachers will welcome the teacher dashboard where multiple student profiles can be added and monitored. Teachers can have a piece of mind knowing that the digital diary is aligned with the Mental Wellbeing PSHE learning objectives for PSHE Key Stage 1 and 2. Teachers can see diary updates from their classes along with emojis that have been chosen on the day. This may enable a teacher to pick up on patterns in behaviour or student wellbeing.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users found the application a delight to use and kept wanting to add pages again and again. They particularly enjoyed the Zappicon characters creation at the variety of tools the diary page dashboard offered. Students also found that the page is ideal to express themselves in a safe environment that can only be accessed by staff and parents. The application encourages routine, creativity, wellbeing, expression, literacy and much more!

What we love about the DiaryZapp for Schools app

This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following: 

The developers have thought hard about how classes are entered into the teacher portal. The use of a downloadable Excel file is a welcomed addition especially for those teachers who have numerous classes.

When logging in the student’s login and password does not seem to be case sensitive which is ideal for those who may struggle with this. 

If ever there was a fantastic hook to engross and excite the children then the creation of a Zappicon at the beginning of the application is a real winner!

The user interface for the diary page is beautifully presented. This page enables the student to use a wide range of features but at the same time does not overcomplicate the process enabling students of all ages and abilities access to creativity.

The developers have focused on the user experience, especially with the in-app tutorial guides and the videos on the developer's website. We found these informative and engaging.

Our users love the Zappicon Daily boost quotes, a real motivator for students.

The process to sign up for the application was seamless with a very straightforward interface.

The teacher dashboard that accompanies the application is a pleasure to use. We particularly like the ability to monitor each student's page, emoji emotion and the downloadable logins.

What the DiaryZapp for Schools app could improve on

DiaryZapp for Schools is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

In the teacher portal, we thought that an icon should be added to ‘Create a new class’ rather than the option being available as a pull-down menu below other classes listed. It took a while for us to discover this.

We thought that the list of Emojis was rather restricting and felt that others could be added such as tired, hungry, excited, anxious especially for those children who are slightly older. 

The ability to print usernames and passwords as small cards to hand to the class would be a great option rather than large prints that also include the QR code which most will not use in class.

On the student Diary page returning to the login screen required the child to log in again. We were unsure whether this password and login could be retained within the application.

The random dice feature to create a Zappicon is an excellent idea, what about a random Zappicon name feature too?

The diary could introduce a colour overlay for those students who are dyslexic.

Adding further features such as the ability to print a diary page or awards for further character props or features may be a real motivational incentive for the child.

The ability to see each child’s Zappicon or a personal profile picture on the teacher portal could be of benefit especially for those teachers who teach multiple classes.

The developers may want to consider a practice page or ideas page that could be saved or uploaded to the diary page. Our users wanted to create multiple pages for each day and practise using the tools.

The developers could provide links to achievement certificates that could be printed for the user to display at home or in the classroom.

How much does DiaryZapp for Schools cost?

DiaryZapp for Schools is a free application on a trial basis. Once the trial has expired the application is available as an annual, monthly or quarterly subscription for single classes, year groups and the whole school.

Is DiaryZapp for Schools safe to use?

Yes, the application does not contain any offensive elements or 3rd party adverts. Sensitive areas are also protected by a parental gateway lock.

Overall Rating of the application

DiaryZapp for Schools is an all-around wonderful application providing a safe digital journal/diary for young learners to express themselves, share their thoughts and feelings as well as celebrating events. The application comes with a user and teacher-friendly platform supported by a variety of content that is suitable for ages 5 to 11. DiaryZapp for Schools comes highly recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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Diary Zapp

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