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Kids Holiday Diary - Learning Game

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About DiaryZapp

DiaryZapp is an interactive diary app that encourages young people to document their adventures and their lives in an interactive way whilst improving their communication and literacy skills in the process.

It is an excellent app to use during the holiday periods when learning can ‘drop-off’ as it encourages young people to keep a visual and written documentation of their holiday time whilst secretly improving their writing skills. However, this app does not just have to be used in the holiday period as it would work really well as a toy and interactive diary throughout the year. There are also many different features within the app including a sense of challenge where new things become unlocked the more the user plays and uses the app. 

DiaryZapp has made the finals of the 2018 UK App Awards for Best Children's App of the Year.

Teacher Review

This is an excellent, interactive diary that encourages young children to keep a written and visual documentation of their lives. It is fully interactive in the sense that the user can use a fully extensive set of tools including editing tools, picture uploads, paint and drawing tools. The user really can tell the story of their life through the app creating a way to keep all their memories and experiences in one place.
It is obvious from the developer’s website that they are passionate about creating fun experiences for young people and they have clearly created this app from their own experiences as parents. Like many parents, as with my own children, the developers want to keep children active during holiday periods. As responsible parents, they want to ensure that they not only fulfil their parental duty but also keep a diary, as their child’s school may have suggested. 
Diary Zapp addresses the desire to maintain learning during the holidays in a fun way with an interactive diary where you can upload photos, edit and add stickers and design characters to accompany you on your journeys and adventures. This is all explained on the website, with pictures and a description of how to best use the app. The website includes a blog, which has lots more information on it about the effects of ‘holiday learning drop-off’ and ways in which being creative can have a positive educational impact for young children.
Once the user logs in, they can start to create their diary and the character that is going to help them along the way. This character is called a Zappicon and it can be styled in any way the user wishes. They can also be edited over time so if the user gets a little bored then they can redesign their Zappicon to whatever they want. There are also lots of added features within the app including an ability to share what has been created plus printing the pages of the diary. This is especially good if your child has been set the task of keeping a diary over the holidays but can also mean that a holiday’s worth of adventures can easily be shared with others, such as grandparents for example.
There are lots of challenges throughout the app too, which has certainly kept my children returning to the app, and also lots of encouragement if they are stuck on what to do or write. With there always being something different to do each day, the challenges have been more like rewards because they enjoy using the app so much. As it’s so simple to use it could only be used 10 minutes a day for it to be beneficial in an educational sense, however you’ll probably find them motivated to use it for a lot longer.
Overall this is a really fun and enjoyable app that will give young children the ability to keep a record of their adventures and activities over time as well as helping them to improve their written communication skills. It can used over long periods of holidays or shorter weekend periods or just as an interactive diary that is kept all year around. 
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Diary Zapp

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Welcome to DiaryZapp - the award winning kids journal app. Designed by a family for families, DiaryZapp encourages children to develop their imagination, creativity and literacy whilst having fun and writing about their day. Positive screen time!!

Loved by kids, trusted by parents and endorsed by teachers. Awarded '2018 Best Children's App' at the UK App Awards.

Check out all of the cool things about DiaryZapp:

There are no in-app purchases or adverts, not one. Kids can earn points the more times they write to unlock a treasure trove of stickers.

Each child gets their own ‘Zappicon’ creature designed to help them through the app. They can style their unique Zappicon to any shape, size or colour and take a selfie with their creation.

If children just feel the urge to draw instead of write children can get creative with a full artbox of colouring pens, brushes and special effects tools. Little ones can draw and make marks - capturing those early special pictures.

When they’ve finished, their entry can be saved and shared with close family and friends at the touch of a button via a closed network administered by the Chief Adult 

Children can import photos of their adventures into their page, then squiggle moustaches, unicorns, footballs and fairies over them to add that final perfect touch.

Help and high fives are given to your child by the Zappicon to guide them if they get stuck choosing what to write about, their trusty Zappicon will also suggest words to boost vocabulary.


DiaryZapp is a space for your child to capture their daily adventures, broaden their literacy skills and share their creations every day. Watch your child’s confidence grow every time they ZAPP. 


From magnificent dens, to camping at Grandma’s, there are no boundaries to the stories they can tell.


But the creativity doesn’t stop there. Your children can use DiaryZapp’s extensive paint and drawing tools. Import their favourite photographs from the day and have fun editing them with the stickers they’ll have won for ‘zapping’ their entries. 


By adding a list of pre-approved email addresses it’s easy for your children to share their day with the family. Grandma can even leave a positive message to praise them for their writing if she wants to. It’s easy for your children to share their day with fellow DiaryZappers via our secure app-to-app sharing.


We’ve designed DiaryZapp to boost kids learning by stealth! Practise their mark making skills, increase their vocabulary through suggested alternative words, improve spelling through practice. DiaryZapp is an English learning game to help children's literacy development through positive affirmation. 


DiaryZapp is created by a family for other families to enjoy. We want to reassure you:

Your details and your children’s details are kept strictly private.

You the parent are the ‘Chief Adult’. You are the gateway to approve who is on the buddy list and can even choose, to approve entries before they are sent.

Whilst DiaryZapp works on smart phones and tablets, we recommend your writers use a  tablet for a better creative experience. DiaryZapp is available on Apple, Google Play and Amazon Fire App Stores.

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