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About Diarium: Journal, Diary

Diarium is an app as the most functional & feature-rich journal for all devices lets you keep all your precious memories in one place and even reminds you to write down your experiences every day.

Diarium: Journal, Diary Review

What do we like about Diarium?

Your diary entries can include a variety of media kinds. Accurate speech recognition allows you to dictate your thoughts if you'd like to talk instead of writing. In addition to many images, you can also attach audio files, inked drawings, and other types of files to your entry. Diarium can automatically import feeds from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as well as fitness applications like Google Fit, Fitbit, and Strava to make journaling even simpler. Your calendar appointments and even the day's weather can be retrieved.

What skills does it improve?

Diarium helps to enhance the creative spirit of users by helping them journal their thoughts. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Diarium is appropriate for all ages.

Is Diarium free?

Diarium is free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Diarium easy to use?

With features like tags, ratings, audio, files, and location, Diarium supports written entries. Since the colour and font may be changed, creating a visually appealing experience is simple.

How will students benefit?

Three templates—a day summary, a thinking log, and a food log—as well as the option to make your own are included with Diarium. Users can back up their journals to their phones for security and export them as Microsoft Word documents. This app's ability to sync with many apps, including Facebook, Fitbit, and Microsoft To-Do, is one of its distinctive features.

How will teachers benefit?

The Cloud Sync platform receives a synchronisation of each entry. Users are able to import or export their diary database as text or document files, and it creates a real-time backup for new entries. When users neglect to record their daily events, the app also serves as a friendly reminder for them to do so. On the diary entry, users can tag external links and attach media items. This can enhance the entry by adding images, music, characters, or even places.

What can Diarium improve on?

In a big Continuum display, the "timeline" view functions adequately, although it is stretched and there are fewer other views.

How much does Diarium cost?

Diarium is available at the cost of $5.99.

Final thoughts

Diarium is generally one of the favourites for free writing. The finest experience was one that helped me continue the habit of writing because of the straightforward, aesthetically pleasing interface and the abundance of functions.

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