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Deseret Bookshelf is a free, unique e-reader application designed specifically for LDS books and scripture study.

While it is an enjoyable way to simply read a favorite book, it really shines as a gospel study tool. Scripture references in ebooks are linked to the Standard Works allowing you to explore scriptural connections. And Bookshelf's full-text search feature makes it easy to find quotes and key passages anywhere they appear in your library.

When you download the app and login to your account, you will instantly receive 8 free classic LDS titles for your library as well as a copy of the Standard Works. Free titles include:

1. Jesus the Christ
2. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
3. Discourses of Brigham Young
4. Lectures on Faith
5. History of Joseph Smith by His Mother
6. The Miracle of Forgiveness
7. Gospel Doctrine
8. Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt

The free titles plus the Standard Works require a one-time download after the app is installed. After you register or log in using your account, the free books should automatically start synchronizing with your device.

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