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Dela Kids - Learn English

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  • age 3+

About Dela Kids - Learn English

This is an app that helps to young children who are just starting their journey into learning the English language. The apps aim is to aid children in knowing the letters of the alphabet, being able to form the letters correctly and to gain confidence in their first steps into the English language. The app executes all of this perfectly and is aided by the excellent graphics and sounds that add to the overall functionality of the app and therefore aid learning rather than detracting from it.

Teacher Review

This is an app whose aim is to help young children who are just starting to learn about letters and language. Due to this it could also be used by older children who are learning English as an additional language too as the structure of the app will work well for these children too. Although the developer website does not have much information on it they have clearly spent a lot of time researching how an app like this should look and work to aid the most amount of learning for its users. Due to its functionality, the high quality of the graphics and the sound the app could very easily be used both in schools and at home guided by parents.

The app is free and there is a lot of content that can be accessed through this however if you wish to access all areas of the app and to disable the adds then this can be done for a small fee. Doing this is certainly value for money with the extra content that is available however as previously mentioned there is a lot that can be accessed anyway through the app for free.

Once a user opens up the app they have a number of options which they can access. The first is an audio/visual representation of the alphabet, which through a simple song and the letters moving across the page allows the user to hear the letter and see how it is formed. It is a good way to introduce the letters as well as being a good repetitive activity to aid this memory, especially for the youngest of children learning about letters for the first time.

Once users become more confident they are then able to begin learning how to form the individual letters themselves. Through this part of the app the user is given all the letters and an animal or object beginning with that letter. Once they click on it they are told the letter and the representation given so they hear the letter in a word. They are then shown how to write the letter effectively whilst given lots of praise. As they complete each letter they are given a repetition of what the letter is and what its representation is, again allowing the user to compound their new knowledge.

The user is able to work through a number of different activities like these, each time learning slightly different aspects that will help them to become confident in knowing their letters and being able to form them correctly. I really like the praise that is given all the way through the app and that users are given the opportunity to earn stickers to encourage them to keep using the app and to return to it on a regular basis. Overall I think this is an excellent app.

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Screenshots for Dela Kids - Learn English

  • Dela Kids - Learn EnglishDela Kids - Learn EnglishDela Kids - Learn EnglishDela Kids - Learn EnglishDela Kids - Learn English

Publisher's Description

Learning English has never been easier and more fun with Dela Kids - Learn English. This app is for kids between ages 3-8 to learn English.


There are various ways to help your child learn English, but if you are looking for a fun, entertaining and a very effective way to learn English online, then you are going to find 'Dela Kids – Learn English' app very useful.

Unique Features of Dela Kids:

- Created with the help of experienced English teachers in Australia
- Learn alphabets with the help of engaging animations and sound affects
- Learn the ABCD song
- Learn the phonics song and the sounds associated with each alphabet
- Learn English words with the help of fun animations and audio
- Learn numbers
- High quality graphics, yet easy on your kid’s eyes
- Fun English puzzles and interactive English exercises
- App optimized for both smartphones and tablets
- Consumes less storage and resources on phone
- Consumes less phone battery
- Animations and images crafted with lot of emphasis on kids and toddlers
- Easy and intuitive controls which kids can easily understand and use

How to Use Dela Kids App:

Search play store for Dela Kids
Install the Dela Kids App
Open the app on your phone
Now your kid can checkout different app modules to learn English
Your kid can play puzzles, learn shapes, alphabets, animal names, object names, colors and a lot more.

It is a known fact that audio and visuals based study is very effective in teaching someone a new language and also very effective with teaching English to young children.
Kids can easily find this app on the phone using the easy to remember Dela Kids icon, open and use it on their own, for the first few times you can observe your toddler while using the app, interacting with it and you may guide them too on how to use it. We are sure after a few times they will be up to speed, find it entertaining and fun to learn English.

We are confident that your child will start to grasp new words, recognize objects, animals, alphabets, shapes and start using them to surprise you in a few days

If you liked the Dela Kids app and found it helpful to help your kid learn English, please take a moment to review it on the play store and leave your awesome comments and feedback.

Keep the Dela Kids - Learn English Online for kids app updated at all times for best performance and latest app features.

Share the app with your friends or parents with kids who might find it useful in helping their kids learn basic English fast, fun and entertaining way

If you have any feedback about Dela Kids English learning app to make it even more amazing or any new feature requests to make this wonderful learn English app even more user friendly, please reach out to us through the email mentioned in the play store, we read all your emails and take user feedback very seriously to make the Dela Kids bug free, robust and more helpful for you.

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