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About Decibel Pro

In the Decibel Pro App Review, a user of the app will find the essential info on this sound meter app. It explains in detail how to start using the app, its interface, and design, how it works, as well as pros and cons of the app.

Decibel Pro Review

Currently, doctors strongly recommend monitoring health carefully. The hearing also needs to be kept fit. The decibel meter app is designed to help people monitor their hearing in a quality manner using mobile devices.

The decibel meter app has been developed by Vlad Polyanskiy. It is aimed to supply users with precise measurements of sound frequency. The meter app is operated under the Fast Fourier transform algorithm. It allows consumers to calculate encircling sound levels. The software app saves metering and detects their locations.

This app offers the best accuracy as opposed to other sorts of devices for sound level detection whose price usually exceeds $90. Moreover, the Decibel App offers more functions and options for detecting levels of noise at any possible place. Consequently, it is highly recommended to utilize a sound level meter to measure the top possible noise surrounding a user anywhere.  

A mobile consumer can easily download this sound meter for iOS smartphones and Android devices using Google Play and App Store. Please, scroll down to find out the app details in the table.

Decibel Pro App Design And Interface

The sound meter app is developed with the user`s convenience in mind. The app offers a stylish design, stunning graphics, and a user-oriented interface. There is nothing superfluous in this app. All functions are minimized for a client's convenience. The intuitive interface helps to know quickly how Decibel App works even for inexperienced users.

Why Use This App

The app is required to be used for preventing hearing loss. Currently, it is utterly important to measure noise levels everywhere to keep your hearing healthy. The Decibel App will indicate a precise sound rate around users wherever they are at the given moment. The app will be utterly useful for people who care about their ears and desire to avoid damaging noise levels.

The app can be used in all spheres of life. Particularly, professional use of this application has been already proved by:

  • Movie directors
  • Musicians
  • School teachers
  • Physicians
  • Sound engineers
  • Policemen
  • ENT doctors, etc.

Therefore, the reviewed mobile app is highly recommended to be used for controlling and measuring sound levels almost everywhere.

How Does The Decibel Pro App Work

The sound level meter app operates quickly and easily. When the app is installed and launched, it can be immediately used for measuring the maximum, mean, and the min encircling noise levels indoor or outdoor. Results are displayed in decibels.

For instance, more than 82 dB noise rates are proven to be the max noise level people should endanger themselves for over eight hours. Therefore, if a person cares about his/her health and wants to prevent hearing loss, a dB Meter App must be used.

Additionally, the app helps to detect the typical noise intensity of any possible daily sounds. It can be, for instance, subway trains, busy streets, queues at the store, conversations, office atmosphere, etc. This data is also displayed in decibels in the app.

How to Start Using Decibel Pro App

It is effortless to begin using this noise meter app. To do it quickly, new users should proceed as follows:

  1. Visit Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play for devices operating on Android;
  2. Download DB Meter for free;
  3. Install the app and launch it;
  4. Add some personal info (optional);
  5. Start using the software app according to your preferences.

Pros And Cons Of The Application

The described noise dosimeter has plenty of advantages compared to other similar software applications. However, drawbacks also exist. Let us figure out the key ones.


  • The best decibel meter app of this type in its category
  • Maintains and prevents hearing problems
  • Affordable for free for Android and iOS consumers
  • Sound measurements are stored according to noise levels and location
  • Intuitive interface and navigation
  • More than 100,000 installations
  • Minimum system requirements
  • To install the dB app, a user only needs 10 Mb of disk space on a chosen device


  • The app is not applicable for Android devices with versions below 4.4
  • Ad-free subscription does not work properly sometimes

App Details



Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone





Engagement and Usability


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - Yes - 3rd Party


Vlad Polyanskiy

Download Decibel Pro

You can download Decibel Pro on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Decibel Pro app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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