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About DataCamp

DataCamp is a time flexible, data science learning platform offering tutorials and courses in data science. DataCamp app provides a nice introduction to two programming languages - Python and R - through a series of short lessons that can be completed on one’s mobile device. While DataCamp is best suited and most worth it for beginner-level and intermediate-level students, it also sometimes serves a useful role for expert data scientists who want to quickly learn new skill sets.

DataCamp Review

DataCamp is an excellent platform for studying data science and analytics. It has an intuitive code editor, and the beginner-friendly nature of the courses makes it ideal for someone looking to dip their toes into data science for the first time. Data science experts, however, might find it unchallenging.

Users need only register for a free DataCamp account to gain access to the two free mobile courses: Introduction to Python and Introduction to R. (The app indicates that intermediate courses for each programming language are currently in development, though it is unclear when they will be released.) Each of the introductory courses consists of a small number of modules (four for Python, six for the R course) that are in turn each comprised of a few short lessons. The lessons introduce basic programming concepts and can be completed within the app itself without the use of external programming environments. Though only really useful for true novices at this point, the existing courses thus far are engaging and informative.

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Is Datacamp app free?

With a free DataCamp account, you can only access the first chapter of most courses, whereas DataCamp subscriptions enable access to over 300 courses, as well as projects, assessments, and additional content.

How Much Are Datacamp Courses?

Datacamp works on a subscription model offering a variety of different plans. An individual learner can choose from one of the three personal plans. The Free account ($0), the Standard costs $25 a month or the Premium costs $33.25 a month. The Standard and the Premium accounts are billed annually, the Standard subscription is the most popular amongst users. In the top right corner is a currency converter for the pricing (see image below) making it convenient for all users.

Datacamp for Business

Datacamp also works with businesses, it has worked with 1,600+ companies and 80% of the fortune 1000 use Datacamp to upskill their teams. Datacamp for business focuses on upskilling everyone on your team to make better data-driven decisions.

Is Datacamp worth it?

Datacamp courses are ideal for someone who is new to data science or someone that already has some knowledge and is looking to improve skills or even a career change.

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