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Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty

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Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty is a helpful app to download during potty-training. As parents, you never know what media or conversations will resonate with your child. This app is amazing with great animations, step-by-step instructions, videos, games and a very cool feature that interrupts play to make one of the characters go potty or get a diaper change.

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Daniel Tiger and his friend Katerina Kittycat are like a lot of young children - they don’t always want to stop playing when they have to go to the bathroom. It can be hard to stop when they’re having so much fun. But when they start to wiggle, it’s time to Stop & Go Potty!

"When you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way."

With Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty app, children will practice stopping their play when they have to go potty and learn about their important bathroom routines at the potty and sink.


  • Help Daniel and Katerina at the potty and sink. Practice bathroom routines like wiping, flushing, and washing & drying hands before returning to play.
  • Build blocks with Daniel and move the dump truck back and forth. When Daniel starts wiggling, help him stop playing and go to the bathroom.
  • Play with Katerina at the water wall. Controlling where the water goes reminds children of how they are working on their own self-control, especially about stopping and going potty.
  • Stack rings with Baby Margaret. Children can even help Mom Tiger change Margaret’s diaper.
  • Four select videos from the award-winning PBS KIDS program, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”
  • Helpful information for parents about “Learning to Use the Potty” from Fred Rogers.
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