Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

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About Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night is a cute, easy-to-use app with an interactive collection of mini games to teach young children about morning and night routines. The app features 8 fun learning games, including setting the table and brushing teeth, alongside sing-along songs that help make routines familiar and fun. This app is a good early introduction for kids who may have problems with organization and paying attention to their daily routines.

Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night Review

Daniel Tiger is impossibly cute, and his parents are gentle and loving as they guide him through preparations for school and bed. Establishing and sticking to morning and night-time routines can be a challenge for parents of young children. The popular cartoon figure, Daniel Tiger, leads children through his own routines in an app made up of 8 different activities and sing-along songs.

The activities are divided into morning ones and night-time ones.  The games are all simple and easy for children to play. Helping Daniel Tiger perform his own tasks, such as brushing his teeth, gives parents the opportunity to focus children on their own routines or reward them for completing them. Crucially, they are also quick to complete so that they can be used to support children at the end and start of the day without derailing the routine that parents are trying to form. 

At the start, children select whether they want to help Daniel at night or in the morning.  Parents could use the night-time section before their child goes to bed and the morning one after they are in bed to prepare them for what to do in the morning.

As you’d expect for an app aimed at young children, this one is bold and colourful.  The star of the app takes centre stage and talks directly to the player to guide and entertain them.  A thoughtful and useful feature is a simple timer that can be quickly set for a duration of up to 5 minutes.  Once a parent has set this, children can see the time visually pass by and be reminded to stay on their tasks.

Children have to learn life skills as well as academic subjects.  Daniel Tiger Night and Day helps put children on the right path to a calm morning and a soothing night-time routine.

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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