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Damki Town – Colouring Book

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 2+

About Damki Town – Colouring Book

We were very impressed with this app. The illustrations are very beautiful and quirky. Children (and even adults) will be enthralled as they use the app. We can tell that a lot of care has been taken to create this app. The receives an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status.                   

Teacher Review

Ahoiii teamed up with seasoned German illustrator, Dana Damki, and together they have taken her beautiful illustrations and created an awesome app that children will love using. It is very simple to use but the quality and imagination that is behind it will engage children and people who appreciate art.

The home-page of the app is series of twelve houses depicting a town. Each “house” has three characters that you can colour. So, all in all there are 36 characters to colour-in, in each section. You can choose from “paint” and a “drawing” tool with your finger  that colours and modifies the quirky characters. There are also accessories that you can use to decorate the images.  Some of the names of the characters are very funny. For example, you can colour-in “Lama Larry”, “Zombie-Oma” or “Tobbles”.

We found the app very easy to use and intuitive. Furthermore, you can save the pictures that you like, perhaps even print them or share them with your social network. As you paint each character, the houses in the home-page are automatically coloured too. This makes the whole process exciting for the user.

One of the ways that we thought could really enhance this app for classroom use is if after coluring-in the pictures, children could make an imaginative story with the characters. As the illustrations are so full of character, we believe that children will be very taken with the drawings and will be able to take the characterisation even further.

Overall, this is a beautiful app. Children and adults will enjoy working with it.

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  • Damki Town – Colouring BookDamki Town – Colouring BookDamki Town – Colouring BookDamki Town – Colouring BookDamki Town – Colouring Book


Yippie, the world can be painted!
The Damki Town colouring book with fun illustrations by Dana Damki is waiting to be coloured in by you.

The group of crazy residents who live in Damki Town can be painted in with a large, bright colour palette and given funny accessories to use. Residents featured include Simone, the hungry squirrel, Richie, the chubby circus bear, Larry, the flying lama, and many more friends waiting for you to add a little color to their lives.

Damki Town can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys colouring in from 6 to 99 years old, or even older!

Save your finished artworks, send them to your friends, or share them on Facebook so that everyone can see how colorful your Damki Town is.

Proudly presented by Ahoiii with illustrations by Danadamki.

* Colour in 36 crazy town residents and 12 extraordinary houses
* Extra accessories to enhance your picture
* Paint with your finger or use the painting tool
* Easy to erase
* Save your favorite artworks
* Send pictures to your friends or make your Facebook page more colorful"

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