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About DailyBean - simplest journal

DailyBean is an app that is a simple diary app for those who want to record their daily lives easily.

DailyBean - simplest journal Review

What do we like about Daily Bean?

Users of the DailyBean app can log their mood each day and track it within the app. To chart their feelings for the day, users can choose from five distinct beans. Ecstatic, pleased, indifferent, slightly sad, and devastated are the various emotions that each bean stands for. Users select the bean to symbolise their current emotions and mark it on the app's built-in calendar.

What skills does it improve?

For people who desire to conveniently record their daily life, DailyBean is a simple diary app. With only a few tabs, log your day. With the click of a sticker, the straightforward and entertaining software DailyBean allows you to keep track of all 365 events.

What age is it appropriate for?

DailyBean is appropriate for all ages.

Is Daily Bean free?

DailyBean is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Daily Bean easy to use?

In addition to the beans, the application provides several unique icons. A user can choose from 13 specific events or topics to track when they initially download the app. There are many alternatives, including emotion, social, weather, meal, hobbies, health events, others, romance, school, work, duties, and beauty. The user will be able to enter information for each of the events or themes indicated above while documenting each day.

How will students benefit?

If users permit it, the app will also notify them with a reminder to remind them to record their daily emotions. Additionally, it might serve as a reminder for any reminders that were added to the app. Students can enter test or homework deadlines to make sure they don't forget.

The monthly calendar on DailyBean lets you see how your moods change over time. Five mood beans can be used to track your mood over a month. You can immediately check the record you left that day by clicking on the bean. 

You can create a simple record by tapping the activity and mood bean symbols, and the category blocks let you choose only the categories you're interested in. Blocks can be added or removed at any time, and categories are updated often. Analyze your mood swings using data to see what activities have an impact on your mood. The quantity of icon recordings can also be checked on a weekly and monthly basis.

What can Daily Bean improve on?

DailyBean has nothing to improve on.

How much does Daily Bean cost?

DailyBean is available at the cost of $1.99 a month.

Final thoughts

Journaling is made fresh and easy with DailyBean. It enables users to journal from their phones wherever they choose. It offers straightforward options and symbols to make writing and keeping track of their feelings, reminders, and events simple to do. For students, this software might be an incredibly helpful resource. It will help them be more responsible and on time. The use of Daily Bean will lessen students' forgetfulness and late submission of homework.

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