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About DailyArt

DailyArt is a free iOS and Android app that everyday publishes one piece of fine art with a short story about it. The story is not a boring, encyclopaedia-like description but it is always something interesting about the painting itself, the painter, some artistic movement or general broader art or cultural context. DailyArt exists for more than two years now and became quite popular worldwide, especially in USA.

DailyArt Review

DailyArt is an app that shows you one masterwork every day, complete with a mini-art history lesson.

Getting a daily dose of visual art will do more than make you a font of wisdom at museums. We've seen that looking at art seems to engage the mind and increase blood flow to the parts of the brain that process pleasure. But preliminary research suggests that exposure to art might also help boost critical thinking skills.

And if looking at art daily inspires you to make some of your own, so much the better: one study showed that people who participated in drawing workshops showed increased psychological resilience and better "functional connectivity" compared to their non-drawing peers.

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