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About Daily Connect (Child Care)

With Daily Connect, parents can have peace of mind by tracking what their child is and has been up to during the day. The app has data entry options for basic needs like getting fed, and also tracks activity and milestones.

Daily Connect (Child Care) Review

Daily Connect app gives parents a peace of mind as they go on with their daily activities, as they will be able to get detailed information of their child from anywhere in the world.

Accounts can be synced so that parents have access to this information while they’re away, and they can even leave notes for their caregivers. If you’re the kind of parent who is always anxious about your child’s well being while you’re away, then this is the app for you. 

Daily summary emails can be automatically sent to parents (and optionally to you) at the end of the day. You can also schedule automatic daily or weekly emails sent to you for backup with the classroom info.

You can now upload forms and documents that parents can access at any time via the application. For instance, you can upload field trip permissions, policy handbook or immunization forms. Parents will have access to all uploaded documents via the “Form & Documents” menu option on the application.

Features of Daily Connect

  • Create calendar events for each classroom. For instance for holidays, field trips or payment deadlines. Parents and teachers will easily see those events on their app, also a reminder is included in the parent daily email the day before the event.
  • Create ahead of time menus for each day of the week. Not only those will be visible by parents, but your teachers can quickly save feeding entries for present children directly from the menu event.
  • Access menu reports on the web application with a count of all menu served (breakfast, snack, lunch, …) per child and classroom, per day, week and month.
  • Create and reuse lesson plans. A lesson can be placed on a calendar allowing parents and teachers to see what learning activity is planned for the day.

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