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About Cycle Tracking

Cycle Tracking is an app that combines tracking and prediction, two processes that frequently work together. There is also a wide variety of features.

Cycle Tracking Review

What do we like about Cycle Tracking?

Everyone who has periods has varied requirements for keeping track of their cycles, including whether to monitor birth control, sexual activity, fertility, and other factors. The ability to disable features that aren't beneficial to you may be what you enjoy best about how Apple implemented this functionality.

What skills does it improve?

Period monitoring and fertility tracking are two forecasts that Cycle Tracking offers, both of which can be enabled or disabled separately. Period tracking relies on the information you provide about your most recent period.

What age is it appropriate for?

Cycle Tracking is appropriate for menstruating women.

Is Cycle Tracking free?

Cycle Tracking is available for free to download on all iOS devices.

Is Cycle Tracking easy to use?

Real flow tracking is the initial feature of Cycle Tracking. Practically everyone who menstruates requires this. You can log boolean information, such as whether or not there was flow, and also provide more specific information by choosing low, medium, or heavy.

How will students benefit?

With Apple's method, symptoms can be recorded without flow being recorded. This is crucial for the signs that indicate menstruation is about to begin, but it can also be helpful for people who have ovulation cramps because it allows you to keep track of your cycle throughout the roughly monthly period. The ability to quickly access your three most current symptoms by placing them at the top of the list is my favourite aspect of this function.

Only a small portion of cycle tracking involves sexual activities. There is only the option to record "had sex" and whether or not protection was used; there is no way to record the specific type(s) of protection used, nor is there a way to record more than once every day.

Like every other element in Cycle Tracking, the fertility tracking features can be disabled. This is advantageous for individuals who aren't attempting to start a family and ensures that anyone who has experienced reproductive issues can disable what might otherwise be an upsetting reminder. The three characteristics are basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, and results from ovulation tests. All of these elements can be utilised if you are attempting to get pregnant, however, only fertility tests are used as part of the fertility prediction function.

What can Cycle Tracking improve on?

Cycle Tracking has nothing to improve on.

How much does Cycle Tracking cost?

Cycle Tracking is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

One of the most useful characteristics can be spotting. Menstruating women can keep track of this information early on, which can help them feel in control of or aware of their bodies. This is a crucial piece of information to track if it is pertinent because some people can also tell when they ovulate or for a few days before the onset of their menstruation.

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