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Cute Sudoku Kids

Educational game for children

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About Cute Sudoku Kids

Cute Sudoku Kids app makes the famous puzzles accessible for children. Substituting cute graphics for numbers keeps all of the challenge but removes the feeling that it is a puzzle dependent on maths skills.  This fun Sudoku app will help to improve children's confidence in solving problems independently.

Cute Sudoku Kids is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 10 with access to an iOS device.  A free trial version unlocks into the full package with the use of an in-app purchase.

Teacher Review

What is Cute Sudoku Kids app?

Cute Sudoku Kids is a puzzle app that uses child-friendly presentation to entice children to put their puzzle-solving skills to the test. As you'll see in this Cute Sudoku Kids app review, its cute graphics make the traditional Sudoku puzzle one that children will enjoy trying to solve. 

What we love about Cute Sudoku Kids

Traditionally, Sudoku puzzles use numbers but they are not maths puzzles. They require no arithmetic or any other numeracy skills. What is great about Cute Sudoku Kids app is that it replaces these numbers with child-friendly pictures to encourage young children to take up the Sudoku challenge.   

With different levels of difficulty, and two varieties of the puzzle, classic and jigsaw, the app is accessible to its target age range. Add to this the cute and clear graphics and sound effects and you have an app that might spark an interest in puzzles that will sharpen and develop a range of thinking skills in children. 

What skills does it improve?

Cute Sudoku lets kids practise their problem-solving skills. Each puzzle in the app encourages deep thinking, persistence, and logical analysis. Sudoku is not a maths puzzle and so this app is not directly related to the curriculum but problem-solving skills are of great importance for children to build across the curriculum. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Cute Sudoku Kids is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10. The app's presentation and difficulty levels are pitched well for this age group.   

Is Cute Sudoku Kids easy to use?

Navigating around Cute Sudoku Kids app is easy. The inputting of answers into the puzzles is intuitive and the app provides instant feedback to player choices. 

How will students benefit?

Cute Sudoku Kids uses a level format that children will recognise from games. They can freely choose between different levels of difficulty that each has a different graphical theme both in sound and graphics. A level's overall difficulty is determined by the size and layout of the grids within it.   

Each general level of difficulty includes many different Sudoku puzzles that have been selected to provide children with a challenge that increases with each one that is completed. Each completed Sudoku is awarded up to three stars depending upon how many mistakes were made. Children can try again to better their star rating. 

By combining this game-like style with the brain-challenging puzzles, children are encouraged to return to the app to complete the set and achieve 3 stars on each one. 

How will teachers benefit?

The puzzles in Cute Sudoku Kids app are quick to access. On a class device, the class as a whole could work towards solving the puzzles with each member selecting a level that they feel best able to work at.   

This makes the app a good way for teachers to provide those who have finished other tasks early a productive way of spending their time as they wait for the rest of the class to catch up.

How will parents benefit?

The puzzles are stress-free. There is no time limit and mistakes, while they will reduce the star rating, are not punished during the puzzling process. This means that parents can play with their children as they think through how to solve the puzzles.   

What Cute Sudoku Kids can improve on?

While part of the attraction to puzzles is learning to solve them, a general guide on how best to approach Sudoku would be useful for children (and, perhaps, parents) who have never tried before. This would avoid turning off children who don't quickly spot the best strategies. 

How much does Cute Sudoku Kids cost?

Cute Sudoku Kids is available for free download. This comes with a limited amount of puzzles. They are enough for you to assess the app's quality and your child's interest in it. Do remember, though, that your child's puzzle-solving ability might mean that the included content might seem a little easy. The full range of puzzles includes the extra levels. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is a single in-app purchase that unlocks the full content of the Cute Sudoku Kids app and this provides the best-value way of using it fully. Your child will then have the ability to choose themes whose difficulty match their current ability or time available. 

If you prefer, you can unlock each theme individually for a lower price per theme. The full, one-off unlock does provide a considerable saving over the individual downloads. 

Is Cute Sudoku Kids safe to use?

Cute Sudoku Kids app's content is entirely safe for children. All of the graphics are child-friendly. 

Overall rating of the app

All of its features come together to make Cute Sudoku Kids an app that provides a meaningful but realistic challenge for children. It looks great and for children who get the puzzle bug, it will have great longevity too. For its well-judged difficulty level, range of content and for providing an accessible way for children to get into puzzle-solving, Cute Sudoku Kids has earned 4 stars.

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As parents, are you searching hard for really cute and smart games for your little ones so that they can play and learn with fun? Have you ever thought that little kids as young as 5 years old can tackle the famous Sudoku - the crown jewel of puzzle games even for adults? The answer will surprise you - yes, it's a definite YES!

Cute Sudoku provides terrific learning experiences for kids. Cute animals with funny sounds and lovely interactions will keep kids hooked and going. If they ever get stuck, smart hints will help them out and offer clear explanations, so they can easily understand and quickly improve their skills. Classic and Jigsaw variations have tons of fun not just for kids but for adults, which makes Cute Sudoku a perfect family game for parents and their children to play together.

Cute Sudoku provides totally 10 exciting themes and 300 different levels:

- Garden Theme: 30 regular 3x3 sudoku with bee, bluebird, butterfly, ladybug and squirrel.
- Cars Theme: 30 regular 3x3 sudoku with ambulance, bus, delivery truck and jeep.
- Farm Theme: 30 regular 4x4 sudoku with cow, dog, pig and rooster.
- Construction Theme: 30 regular 4x4 sudoku with bulldozer, cement mixer truck, excavator, semi-truck and tow truck.
- Ocean Theme: 30 jigsaw 4x4 sudoku with clownfish, octopus, seal and turtle.
- Space Theme: 30 jigsaw 4x4 sudoku with astronaut, UFO, space rocket, sun and robot.
- Safari Theme: 30 regular 5x5 sudoku with elephant, lion, monkey, rhino and zebra.
- Transport Theme: 30 jigsaw 5x5 sudoku with car, helicopter, plane, ship and train.
- Jurassic Theme: 30 regular 6x6 sudoku with ankylosaurus, brontosaurus, pterodactyl, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus and triceratops.
- Toys Theme: 30 jigsaw 6x6 sudoku with bath duck, carousel horse, doll, fluffy bear, jack-in-the-box and train toy.

Cute Sudoku is particularly designed for young children in consideration of their proper developmental stages, emphasizing fun, interactions and early logic development. Children from as young as 5 years old to school-age will find fun, confidence and rewarding when they realize that they can solve so many puzzles without help. Cute Sudoku is also a good learning school for adult beginners, or even brain teasers for adults who want to solve all puzzles without hints!

Cute Sudoku uses several sounds from freesound and two icons from flaticon. For the full list of attributions, please check

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