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About Cursive Writing App@ abCursive

abCursive teaches its users to write using cursive script and gives them practice opportunities on the device’s screen. Kids of any age, secure in printed handwriting, can use this app to develop cursive writing skills.

abCursive can be downloaded for a single purchase price to iOS devices. There are no further in-app purchases or subscription fees.

Cursive Writing App@ abCursive Review

What is abCursive app?

abCursive is a handwriting development app that shows users how to move from printed handwriting to cursive script. It contains demonstrational and practice elements.


abCursive shows letters alone, linked to others, and when used in words as a static image

abCursive has animations that show the user how to form each letter

abCursive lets users choose from a dictionary or enter custom terms to see how words would look in cursive and the app animates the formation

The app covers upper and lower-case letters


Users can overwrite examples of letters and words

Users can copy what they see to a blank part of the screen

Users can use either their finger or, more usefully, a non-smart stylus to form the letters.                      

Although the app is designed for iPhones, it will work on iPads in compatibility mode. This review of abCursive used the iPhone for the most part, although the app was tested on an iPad with Apple Pencil too.

What we love about abCursive app.

abCursive is a very elegant app that is enjoyable to use. Its soft colours and smooth animations lend it a very polished look and feel. 

The app's animations of how to form letters and words from cursive script are among the best we have seen. It is especially pleasing to see that the app shows the correct pen movement when the nib is lifted from the paper, as most other apps skip this.

The animations are especially impressive as they are flexible enough to use with any word you enter. Whether it is a nonsense word or a simple learning word, you can see how it should be formed using cursive script—just type it in and press play.

Learning with this app does not put the user under pressure. They can try each example as often as they want and pick it up and put it down anytime.

What skills does it teach?

abCursive demonstrates to its users how to form words in cursive script and guides users as they practise. The app shows a pre-written example and how a writer should create the letters.

What age is it appropriate for?

Anybody could learn cursive script using this app as it has an age-neutral design. The point at which kids should move on to cursive script (if they do) depends on when they have reached an appropriate level of proficiency in printed handwriting.

Is abCursive app easy to use?

abCursive will take most users, young and old, a very short time to understand. The options and how they work are intuitive and straightforward. The familiarisation video on the app's supporting website is helpful to see the app in use.

How will students benefit?

Some students love developing their handwriting skills, allowing them to further their artistic interests. Some children with special educational needs have also indicated that cursive writing has benefits in helping them learn. 

The app is easy to use in short bursts, allowing kids to practise wherever they are.

How will parents benefit?

Parents might not always agree with their child's school's choice not to teach cursive script. abCursive will help these parents provide the chance for their kids to learn. Freed from any school-imposed style guides, these parents can use the app to guide how they help their children learn. 

Being able to see any word formed correctly using cursive script is reassuring for those whose handwriting may have drifted away from best practice. This will minimise the chance of parents teaching kids bad habits.

How will teachers benefit?

If the style of cursive used in this app matches the style they use in the classroom, abCursive is a great demonstrational aid for teachers. Teachers can enter the word and see it formed gradually. This frees them up to describe techniques and points to remember to their students. It also ensures that their hand does not obscure the writing as it is formed.

What can abCursive app improve on?

This app is made for iPads and adapts to work on iPads. On an iPad, the app scales up a phone-sized screen or takes up a small portion of the screen. As abCursive has not been designed for iPads, the features of the Apple Pencil, which is exclusive to the iPad, are not fully utilised.

Changing pressure and tilting the pen will not change the writing as it would for a completely utilised Apple Pencil feature set. Learning cursive script can be an artistic exercise for some people, and this would add to the attractiveness of the writing. 

In practice, this does not harm the use of the Apple Pencil, and so the user experience, much. It still uses palm rejection to allow writers to rest their hand on the screen comfortably, which is its most important distinction from using a non-smart stylus. Fully adopting the iPad platform and the Pencil feature set would be the preferred option, but it works well enough for most learners as it is. 

Good to know

Learning to write in cursive script is a choice rather than compulsory for many schools across the US and UK. Advocates for learning it argue that it has benefits for reading, understanding and more. Opponents say that it takes up valuable learning time in schools that could be used for other things.

Where schools teach cursive script there are variations in the style they use. If you are purchasing this to help your child, make sure that the letter styles do not conflict with what they are learning at school.

In common with most other cursive handwriting apps, abCursive leaves the user to decide if their attempt is good enough. It does not rate the written accuracy. This is not considered a flaw as people are not robots and to expect their writing to fit entirely to an exemplar is is unrealistic. 

It is worth remembering that handwriting is a physical skill rather than a digital one, so users should also practise with pen and paper — this is the case with all handwriting apps. 

How much does abCursive app cost? 

abCursive is available for a single purchase without a trial or lite version. You can get an excellent overview of the app using the video on its supporting website before you decide whether to buy it or not.

 There are no further in-app purchase or subscription options available.

abCursive is compatible with Family Sharing on iOS, allowing up to six members of the same family to use the app.

Is abCursive app safe to use?

abCursive has a dictionary of words for kids to use and practise. These are all appropriate for kids to use. The app does not show advertisements or links to social media.

Overall rating of the app.

abCursive's demonstrational aspects are excellent. Watching words formed using cursive script is quite mesmerising and a useful activity for learners of cursive writing. The practice element is enjoyable and usable but has room for some improvement by optimising it more for the iPad and supporting all of the Apple Pencil's features.

For some kids and others who want to learn or teach cursive script, abCursive will be a great help and a cost-effective support tool. Use the details in this review alongside the app's supporting website to decide if the app meets your requirements.

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