Speech Therapy: Stroke/Aphasia

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About Cuespeak

Cuespeak is a Speech and Language Therapy app for iOS devices featuring a suite of therapy exercises produced in the UK by a specialist in aphasia, a communication disability caused by stroke and other neurological disorders.

Cuespeak Review

Cuespeak is designed for use both by clinicians and by people with aphasia. The exercises are suitable for adults with moderate-severe aphasia, including those diagnosed with apraxia of speech and those with associated cognitive problems.

Cuespeak can be used both with and without a therapist present. The ideal scenario is to start a session with a specialist speech and language therapist, who will configure the programme to the individual’s needs. The person with aphasia will then use the app for independent practice until the next session with the therapist.

The exercises in Cuespeak feature a large amount of spoken feedback on errors and spoken cues to facilitate spoken word production. They are also highly customisable to the needs of each individual. The programme allows the user to organise exercises into sessions which run automatically at the single press of a button. And there is humour!

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