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About Creta Class

Creta Class teaches Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned math to kids aged 3 to 8 and provides them with practice activities.  Each lesson features beautifully animated videos and quizzes.  The session takes about 15 minutes to complete, and one is delivered to the learner’s app daily. 

You can download the app on iOS and Android for free and try out its samples before unlocking blocks of lessons using an in-app purchase. 

Creta Class Review

What is Creta Class app?

Creta Class is a math teaching and practice app that unlocks a new lesson for kids every weekday. The lessons feature high-quality animated videos that are narrated, attractive, and explain the concepts clearly and accurately.  The videos pause for learners to answer questions related to the content.

After the videos, learners have a quiz to complete. These have varying question types that use different methods of interaction.

Creta Class also has a predictable structure, both in the single lessons and over each week. Monday to Wednesday is for introducing new content.   Thursday is for reviewing the preceding days’ learning, and, finally, Friday provides reinforcement to embed the new skills and knowledge more firmly.

The app is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of the US and is supported by artificial intelligence (AI), which influences children’s learning journey through the app. During this review of Creta Class, the app presented content and questions that were well-judged for the lessons but, as with all AI-based apps, the influence of the AI is difficult to judge. The developers state its AI implementation is award-winning and directs the user's learning by monitoring multiple data points.

What we love about Creta Class app

Some apps recommend a little and often approach to learning with them but leave how little and how often to kids.  Creta Kids has a much more structured approach and delivers new content each day rather than making it all available in one go.

Young kids often binge on new experiences at the expense of long-term interest.  Even the sweetest of treats become less attractive with overindulgence, and so it can be with learning apps. 

By preventing kids from overusing the app, either through its novelty or their desire to impress, the app will stay fresh.  Frequent use will also lead to a habit of daily learning which will form part of a healthy attitude towards education for kids even after they outgrow Creta Class.

Creta’s presentation can’t be faulted.  Its graphical design is superb, and despite the huge amount of content, none of it is ‘filler’.  It is all beautifully drawn, well animated, and clear.  Kids who struggle with reading can use the app to learn math because everything, teaching content and questions, is narrated by the app.

What skills does it improve?

Creta Class is for learning math and includes most of the topics kids need to know, such as arithmetic, shapes, measurements, money and time.  Alongside the core topic, the activities and lessons support kids as they develop logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

What age is it appropriate for?

The learning materials, lessons, and activities in Creta Class are suitable for kids aged between three and eight, depending upon which modules you buy.

Is Creta Class app easy to use?

Creta Class has a simple user interface that any child who is proficient in using other apps will soon understand. The activities explain how to interact with them as well as communicate the learning content.

How will students benefit?

Creta Class uses a few gamified techniques to encourage kids to try their best and keep practising. It uses a game-like three-star rating system to assess learners’ and encourage them to try again to perfect their performance.

Most kids like clear end points to their activities—especially when they want to do something else. Knowing that their math learning with this app will follow a predictable structure of a predetermined length will make getting kids to complete their daily practice easier.

The time at which kids complete topics in Creta Class, or indeed any app, won’t necessarily match when they cover it at school, but this has benefits.  If they cover the topic after they have done it at school, they will refresh and further embed the knowledge.  If they cover it before they do it at school, they will already have a grounding.

Kids can revisit past lessons in the app, which will help them if they don’t remember the class-based lessons or forget how to do something.

How will parents benefit?

Creta Class will be an easy app to build into kids’ daily routines. At approximately fifteen minutes per lesson, they slot into convenient times of the day.   They are playable on phone-sized devices, so this time could be a daily journey or, at home, while you prepare their evening meal.

As the app’s content is unlocked through in-app purchases rather than a subscription, parents can judge the app’s long-term costs easily and see precisely how much learning material their kids will get for the financial outlay. 

Parents can view how their children have done on each lesson by checking the associated report screen. 

What can Creta Class improve on?

When creating a child’s profile, the app insists on using a photo or not saving it. Other apps provide a selection of avatars to be used if parents or children don’t want to use a personal image. Users should not feel that a photograph is compulsory.

The app’s website is attractive but, aside from displaying the app’s features, it does not add much extra value. It has a chat function, but an FAQ to help potential buyers or support existing users would reassure parents. For example, the somewhat opaque nature of the app’s AI could be elaborated upon here.  The app’s Facebook page is active and has some interesting posts.

Fortunately, Creta Class is under active development and has responsive developers who have made improvements even as this review was written and a new web page is also inbound.

How much does Creta Class app cost?

You can download Creta Class for free on Android and iOS devices. You unlock learning modules through in-app purchases.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free app includes sample lessons that represent the paid-for content well. The sample lessons are of similar length and quality to the app’s premium materials. 

Creta Class has adopted a different payment structure to what you might be used to in other apps, and you should keep this in mind when you see the cost.  Each in-app purchase gets you a large block of lessons, with each one delivered on subsequent weekdays. While this might seem like a hefty price, it won’t be monthly nor open-ended like a subscription.

Should you think the app is relevant to your friend’s and family’s kids, the app has a referral payment scheme where you can get credit for each person who takes up your recommendation.

Is Creta Class app safe to use?

All of the content in Create Class is appropriate for the age of children who will use the app. Whether kids are playing the sample lessons or premium content, there is no third-party advertising. 

The difficulty of parental locks is a difficult balancing act which, like many apps, Creta Class has had to balance between accessible for parents but not for kids.  There is no perfect solution to this.

The app’s parental lock is based on simple addition, which is not likely robust enough for kids at the upper end of the app’s target age group. However, these kids do not need the same level of parental oversight so the lock may not be so important and the content it protects is not high-risk or inappropriate for kids to see. This will be a matter for your judgement.

Overall rating of the app.

Creta Class is a high-quality, exquisitely designed educational app that is focussed on and refined for kids to use at home.  Its daily delivery of learning materials would not suit a school, but it makes a lot of sense for parents. Using Creta Class will help kids develop a good learning habit and support and enhance their school-based learning. 

Try out the sample lessons with your child - they’ll get some math practice, and you’ll see how well the app matches their learning style. Creta Class easily deserves its five-star rating.

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You can download Creta Class on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Creta Class app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Creta Class is a math program designed for kids ages 3-8. 2 million+ kids from 40+ countries are having fun in math here with us!

Developed by top-notch experts, our systematic program provides a 5-stage plan, with each stage consisting of 240 lessons, 1,200 animations, and 12,000+ interactive exercises.

We make it completely safe and easy for kids to explore math at their fingertips. Bite-sized daily sessions with AI-backed learning paths help kids acquire math knowledge and skills without effort.

[FREE!] We are providing free trial lessons right now. Download today and try it out!

Kids cultivate a whole set of key competencies and thinking skills for lifelong development at Creta Class, including:
· Logical Reasoning
· Arithmetic
· Spatial Awareness
· Data Analysis
· Problem Solving
· Critical Thinking
· Confidence


Abundant Learning Resources
· 240 lessons, 1,200 animations, and 12,000+ interactive exercises each year
· 960+ chances to express and demonstrate new learning
· Comprehensive domains - number concepts, operations, shapes, space, etc.

Experts-Designed, Children-Loved
· Developed by early education specialists from the world’s top universities
· 2,000,000+ learners from 40+ countries are learning with Creta Class

Scientific and Systematic Curriculum
· Progressive learning pathways thoughtfully designed for each child
· Sensitive Periods for math learning captured and supported
· Key competencies fully integrated into everyday learning

AI-Based, Bite-Sized
· Award-winning AI technology supports personalized learning
· AI-based interactive classes maximize immersive participation
· 15-min of learning each day ensures desired outcomes

Learn with Ease
· Free trial lessons for you to start with
· App can be used whenever and wherever you are with your kids
· Lessons always ready for viewing – as many times as you want
· Ad-free, age-appropriate content only, 100% safe with parental control