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Our official reviewer, Mary Jenkins used this little app with her 4 year old. The app is based on the traditional paper-theatre format where the imagination rules and you can make the story up as you go along! Except that Creativium has all the fun of the paper dolls in digital format (iPhone and iPad).

The animals are very sweet and they all move to where you want using an easy drag and drop function. Practically all the images in the display move or display a particular feature when tapped on – some even have music! You can also take snap-shots of the images that you create so that you can save them for later.

We thought that the design of them was very beautiful and the textured paper-effect will delight adults as well as children. We found that children could play with the app by themselves as it has enough features to let them explore and be mesmerized by all the characters. We also thought that the app could be used as made-up bedtime story and be used to engage children’s imaginations by making-up characters and story-lines.

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From the Developer

An interactive paper-like theater suitable for kids age 2 and above.

Let your children create fairytale scenes on virtual paper sets, with 10 funny characters, 40 animations and 25 decorations to mix and match as they want it. Save the most incredible stories in special photo gallery.

Children will not feel overwhelmed as Creativium is really simple-to-use and lets them make their own rules and steer production from ground up. Your kid will get instantly immersed in a magical world and enjoy discovering through play. What more can you wish for in a kid’s app?

Gather the whole family around your iPad or let your children weave a great story on their own. Decorate the trees, paint the clouds and make the rainbow come to life. Throw a festive party in your castle and stage a real theatrical performance that will capture even the animals from the charmed forest!

Shake your iPad for more fun in the Magic Forest! And don’t forget to take a snapshot of your creations!

Please be careful, as iPad1 is NOT SUPPORTED!

So, the game's main features are:

— uniquely and beautifully crafted paper sets
— simple kid-friendly interface
— young kids make up their own rules
— pictures are saved in the iPad’s gallery
— 10 fun characters, each with their own colorful personality
— over 40 animations for the game featuring animals
— 25 decorations for the castle to choose from
— cool drag-and-drop app
— cute, sweet, adorable and everything :)

Explore the world with Creativium where kids embrace learning and learn creative storytelling by staging their own unique plays and worlds! Creativium is inherently fun and rewarding for children encouraging their natural sense of creativity and imagination as well as strong cognitive skills.

We care about young kids’ well-being and take their privacy seriously. Our application does not contain ads and does not include in-app purchases.


If you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Julia any time: She´d love to help you out.

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