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From the Developer

Let the writers help you write. Recycle texts from books, lyrics, movies - combine words into something new, original and beautiful. Creative Writer delivers language expressions for your writing sessions taken from actual books: best-selling novels, literary geniuses, traditional and modern poetry, movies, TV series, song lyrics, hip-hop, gangsta RAP and other sources.

You don't have to type a word: just tap on the stream of suggested words, picking words until the sentences come out. Or combine normal typing with predictive writing. You can easily switch among genres: Poetry, Prose, Classics, Dialogues, Lyrics, You & Me, Cooking, Quotations and Romance.


  • Compose songs
  • Write short stories
  • Write poems
  • Smash your writer’s block
  • Record the stream of consciousness
  • Learn English - explore, have fun with words

An endless source of writing ideas, words, prompts and sentences for your writing sessions. Millions of text segments analyzed and clustered into 7 powerful predictive models: Prose (best-selling novels), Dialogues (movies, TV series), You & Me, Lyrics (popular songs, RAP), Romance, Classics (Shakespeare, Goethe, Joyce, Kafka, Proust, Dostojevski, and others) and Quotations.

Install the Dictionary Keyboard and throw yourself a brainstorming party! This keyboard puts examples, definitions, rhymes, antonyms, synonyms, and more at your fingertips.

Includes a beautiful notepad where you can write your story or collect interesting sentences, edit and share.

Includes a system level keyboard compatible with all social messaging apps.

Includes a talking robot that talks and types by itself.

**No internet connection needed!

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