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Creative Writer - Ideas for Writing and Texting

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Creative Writer gives you a stream of suggested words and all you do is tap on the stream, or you can type out words and allow the app to give you words using its predictive feature. The app’s words come from best-selling novels, poetry, rap, and other sources. Use the app to write short stories or poems, compose songs, smash your writer’s block, or even learn English. The app comes with a notepad feature that allows you to write down your story and a Dictionary Keyboard that throws antonyms, synonyms, rhymes, definitions, and examples at you, exactly when you need it.
  • Recycle text from books
  • Combine words into amazing new pieces of art
  • A talking robot that talks and types by itself
  • Live in a constant state of inspiration

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  • Creative Writer - Ideas for Writing and TextingCreative Writer - Ideas for Writing and TextingCreative Writer - Ideas for Writing and TextingCreative Writer - Ideas for Writing and TextingCreative Writer - Ideas for Writing and Texting


Let the writers help you write. Recycle texts from books, lyrics, movies - combine words into something new, original and beautiful. Creative Writer delivers language expressions for your writing sessions taken from actual books: best-selling novels, literary geniuses, traditional and modern poetry, movies, TV series, song lyrics, hip-hop, gangsta RAP and other sources.

You don't have to type a word: just tap on the stream of suggested words, picking words until the sentences come out. Or combine normal typing with predictive writing. You can easily switch among genres: Poetry, Prose, Classics, Dialogues, Lyrics, You & Me, Cooking, Quotations and Romance.


  • Compose songs
  • Write short stories
  • Write poems
  • Smash your writer’s block
  • Record the stream of consciousness
  • Learn English - explore, have fun with words

An endless source of writing ideas, words, prompts and sentences for your writing sessions. Millions of text segments analyzed and clustered into 7 powerful predictive models: Prose (best-selling novels), Dialogues (movies, TV series), You & Me, Lyrics (popular songs, RAP), Romance, Classics (Shakespeare, Goethe, Joyce, Kafka, Proust, Dostojevski, and others) and Quotations.

Install the Dictionary Keyboard and throw yourself a brainstorming party! This keyboard puts examples, definitions, rhymes, antonyms, synonyms, and more at your fingertips.

Includes a beautiful notepad where you can write your story or collect interesting sentences, edit and share.

Includes a system level keyboard compatible with all social messaging apps.

Includes a talking robot that talks and types by itself.

**No internet connection needed!

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