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Crazy Machines

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Teacher Overview

Although this app is not necessarily content driven the app provides a great platform for creating tests, building experiments and solving problems that are Science related. The app has some stunning graphics and collaboration features where you can play against other players or communities. The experiments will test the most proficient scientist and if you are struggling the app will provide some clues however this may have an effect on your score. Work your way through a series of challenging tests or simply build one yourself for your friends to play.

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Developer Description

The aim of Crazy Machines is to build crazy contraptions to complete the tasks set forth by the wacky Professor. Give free rein to your imagination and unleash the most incredible of chain reactions! You can, for example, have a billiard ball drop onto a lamp switch and turn it on. This, in turn, will shine through a magnifying glass to light a candle, which in turn heats the boiler of a steam engine, which drives a windmill, which blows a basketball through a basketball hoop, and so on and so forth...!

In the secret laboratory of the crazy Professor, players have to solve various tricky experiments. Several half-finished machines the professor invented a long time ago have to be finished. The aim is to trigger a chain reaction_ to complete the processes the Professor forgot decades ago. For every challenge, players have a limited number of elements at their disposal. Not only must players race against time to complete the tasks, but also deal with varying gravitational pulls depending on whether you find yourself on earth, the moon or in outer space!


-50 challenging levels.
-Over 70 elements to build with.
-Helpful tutorial to get you started.
-Construction Kit – Create your own Crazy Machine!
-Award System –  Build up your Construction Kit with new unlocked parts.

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