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Could your child be the next superstar DJ? This app may give you an early indication – no promises, mind – as it gets kids to mix dance, hip-hop and pop tracks together with a friendly interface. There are lots of audio loops to experiment with, as well as pro-like tools like crossfaders. Perfect for a birthday party set, perhaps.

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Create great sounding music with Crayola DJ! Mix loops, add fun sound effects, then take your beats to the dance party!

Play with tracks in different genres, including dance, pop, and hip hop. Then perform for an audience and earn points for mixing and scratching your music! Your color-coded music creates an exciting color and light show. Save your music and share with friends and family!


  • Almost 100 exclusive loops created by professional DJs make you always sound good!
  • Different musical genres and instrument types ensure endless variety in your mixes!
  • Crayola DJ makes music production and mixing easy, no matter your age or musical experience!
  • Mix multiple tracks simultaneously for professional sounding mixes!
  • Use real DJ tools such as crossfaders, sound effects, tempo slider, and more!
  • Earn points while performing and scratching for a cool dance party!
  • Your music performance creates a unique and personalized color and light show that reacts to you!
  • Compete for the love of the audience with a friend in 2 Player mode!
  • Save your music creations and play them for friends and family!
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